In the Beginning of “the World on Turtle’s Back,” Why Did the Husband Become “Terrified”?

In the beginning of the Native American creation story, “The World on Turtle’s Back,” the husband became terrified when his wife suddenly fell through a hole in the ground. The husband and wife lived in a world that was entirely covered by water, with no land in sight. The wife was pregnant, and their only hope for survival was to find a piece of land where they could give birth to their child and start a new life.

The husband decided to enlist the help of several animals in their search for land. He asked the muskrat, the otter, and the beaver to dive down to the bottom of the ocean and bring up some mud. The husband placed the mud on the back of a turtle, who gradually grew into an enormous creature that could support the weight of the earth. The husband and wife climbed onto the turtle’s back, and soon the woman went into labor.

While the husband was helping his wife through the birth process, she suddenly gave birth to twin sons. One son was born naturally, but the other son was born through her armpit. This second son was named “Left-Handed Twin” because he was born in an unconventional manner. The husband became terrified when he saw this second son, as he believed that he was an evil spirit who would destroy the world.

The husband’s fear is rooted in the traditional beliefs of many Native American cultures. In these cultures, twins were often viewed with suspicion and fear, as they were seen as having supernatural powers that could be used for either good or evil purposes. Left-Handed Twin, in particular, was feared because of his unusual birth and his left-handedness, which was often associated with dark magic and witchcraft.

The husband’s fear is also related to the theme of balance and harmony in Native American mythology. Many creation stories emphasize the importance of maintaining balance between different elements of the natural world, such as water and land, or animals and humans. The birth of Left-Handed Twin threatens this balance, as he is seen as a disruptive force that could upset the delicate equilibrium of the lifestylefun world.

However, it is important to note that the husband’s fear is not entirely rational or justified. Left-Handed Twin is not inherently evil, and his actions throughout the story do not support the idea that he is a malevolent spirit. In fact, Left-Handed Twin ultimately plays a crucial role in creating the world as we know it today.

Despite the husband’s initial fear, Left-Handed Twin proves to be a creative and resourceful problem solver. When the animals that helped to create the earth grow tired and fall asleep, Left-Handed Twin uses his powers to create new animals to take their place. He also creates the moon and sun, which provide light and warmth for the newly formed world. Without Left-Handed Twin’s contributions, the world would not be able to sustain life.

Overall, the husband’s fear in “The World on Turtle’s Back” reflects the traditional beliefs and values of many Native American cultures. However, it is important to question these beliefs and recognize that they are not always based on rational reasoning or empirical evidence. By examining the story critically, we can gain a deeper understanding of the complex cultural traditions that have shaped Native American mythology over centuries. We can also appreciate the creativity and ingenuity of characters like Left-Handed Twin, who challenge our preconceived notions and inspire us to think outside the box.

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