How to take care of yourself before and after rhinoplasty

nose surgery It is one of the widely popular surgeries. for the safety of surgery You should study the information first, whether it is the material used in rhinoplasty. Method of rhinoplasty surgery, the doctor to do it and the standard of the place receiving the service.

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In addition, another thing that should be equally important is how to prepare before undergoing surgery. and guidelines for taking care of yourself after surgery to reduce the risks that may occur from surgery

Preparation before undergoing rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a type of surgery. In which the surgery patient must be given anesthesia first.

Anesthesiologist Nurse Anesthetist Or an assistant anesthetist will give you anesthesia before surgery. including taking care of safety before, during and after the surgery

for the surgery to be safe You should prepare before undergoing nose surgery as follows:

– Abstain from water, milk, beverages and all kinds of food after 24.00 or at least 8 hours to prevent the danger of vomiting. and choking food waste into the windpipe or lungs

– Report a history of congenital disease medications you take on a regular basis This includes all dietary supplements, such as anticoagulants, diabetes medications, pain relievers, or high blood pressure medications. because it may affect the surgery The doctor may stop the medication before undergoing surgery. However, the medication should not be stopped on its own.

– Inform the doctor about the history of allergy to drugs, food or all kinds of substances.

– Refrain from smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery to reduce phlegm and reduce coughing.

– Should wash off the nail color and cut the fingernails short Because the doctor will measure the oxygen at the fingertips. and make it possible to observe the change from the lack of oxygen

– Should remove dentures, contact lenses and all kinds of jewelry before undergoing surgery.

– On the day of rhinoplasty, do not make up, wash your face and clean your nose.

– Should bring relatives to provide assistance in contacting staff and take care during the journey home

Care after nose surgery

After undergoing rhinoplasty, you must strictly follow the doctor’s instructions. to prevent dangerous complications The doctor may recommend the following actions:

– After nose surgery Should support the head with a high pillow for 2-3 days to reduce swelling.

– After nose surgery, cold compress should be applied for 4-5 days to stop the bleeding. prevent bleeding and reduce the risk of developing severe fibrosis which results in a distorted nose

– avoid food allergies or foods that cause swelling in the face, such as food that is very hot, very spicy, including refraining from smoking and drinking alcohol too

– It may be necessary to take time off work for about 2 weeks to recuperate. And it may take several months before all the results of the surgery are visible. It can take up to 6 months for the swelling to go away completely.

– The doctor will make an appointment to assess the symptoms. and remove the threads after 1-2 weeks. In the meantime avoid hot baths. Wet wounds, sneezing through the mouth, touching the nose (picking, sheep, scratching, rubbing) and dusty or smoky places, as this may cause irritation. or possible infection

– Avoid strenuous exercise, high impact or sports for 4-6 weeks.

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