How to Take Care of a Sprained Ankle? 

A sprained ankle is an injury due to twisting, rolling, or awkward movement. The sprained ankle can cause severe pain and problems in standing or walking correctly. There can be temporary pain, but sometimes it can lead to constant pain and create more problems for your body. 

An inconvenience in the ankle affects daily activity; therefore, it is essential to solve this problem at the earliest. If you are facing a sprained ankle, you can refer to any medical facility in Glen Rock. There are various medical centers like Glen Rock sports medicine where you can solve your sprained ankle problems. 

How to take care of a sprained ankle? 

If there is a sprained ankle, the degree of pain is measured with the injured ligaments. So, around three degrees of sprained ankles start from least serious to severe pain. If you want to care for a sprained ankle, you can do so by knowing the degree of the sprain. Once you see the degree of pain, you can quickly treat it on your own or consult a doctor.

  • Once you feel a sprained ankle, you should rest and avoid heavy activities as it will increase the strain on your joints. It would help if you also tried not to move it much and keep it still for some time. Sitting at some place where you can lean down and elevate the injured part is necessary immediately after the injury. So, the first part is taking a rest. 
  • After resting, ice or cold packs can soothe your affected area. Taking cold packs covered with a cloth is essential rather than using ice directly on the affected areas. 
  • The third step for sprained ankles is to compress the injured area. You can use some ankle braces to keep your ankle compressed. It will help to recover quickly with this compression. 
  • The last step to care for the sprained ankle is to elevate the foot, significantly increasing the blood flow. You can lie on an armrest or footboard to advance the injured body part.

This technique is useful and helpful only when minor or initial pain occurs. If there is more pain in the injured part, you should consult a doctor rather than take care of yourself. Ignoring the pain at the initial stage will make the problem worse. So, consulting and adequately caring for the sprained ankle is better. 

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