How to have a fun time in China without a smartphone

A Chinese article pointed out that people in China spend about three hours a day on their smartphone.

China and phone addiction

A statement from a German Internet company shows that in a couple of years, smartphones have gone from being a common means of communication to a big necessity in everyday life.

A wide variety of apps help to better plan your day, such as ordering a pizza or booking a ticket, as well as having fun with your free time. For example, with tiktok wall picture you can not only have an interesting time, but also useful.

Although it is very practical, but in some cases, it can cause health problems. The doctor from Beijing – Gary Sakrison says that people most often very slouch when using the phone, which causes tension in the neck and back. In addition to diseases, the doctor points out that many Chinese people lack interesting leisure activities, which is one of the reasons why they are attached to the phone.

If you suddenly feel bored in China, try to use the recommendations that you can read below.

Tips on how not to become bored in China

  • If you walk around at the end of the day, you must have noticed a big crowd of elderly women dancing in the square. This tradition is said to date back to the reign of Emperor Yao, who was on the throne from 2356-2255 B.C. The practice of gathering in public places to talk and learn about the news survives to this day. Although such entertainment is mostly in demand among older people, but you can often see young people at such events as well.
  • Play games. No less popular pastime as is the game of dexterity, mahjong. This is a tactical game that consists of 144 tiles with Chinese characters. It is excellent for developing memory and observation.
  • Walk the bird. Most Chinese people have kept a long tradition of walking the birds. This does not mean to take a leash and walk the bird like a dog. Such a tradition has survived in China since the Qing dynasty, which involves taking domestic birds out for air. This is said to encourage the bird to sing, interacting with other birds of the species.
  • Walking a bicycle. Bicycle rentals in China are in good demand. Most people use a bicycle to get to where they want to go faster or to save on fare. But if you consider cycling around Hangzhou West Lake or other bright spots, such leisure time can help you spend your time in a useful and bright way.
  • Engage in Tai Chi. The art of Taijiquan comes from the traditional Chinese philosophy of the Great Limit Tai Chi, which is one of the oldest. Taijiquan is a gymnastic exercise that includes details of tempering the spirit, developing spiritual strength. The main function of these exercises is to regulate the inner life energy “chi”. The tai chi movements help to rejuvenate the body on the physical level, and on the spiritual level, they help to free the consciousness and allow you to understand your true purpose. Tai Сhi is a protective martial art that helps relieve stress and anxiety. It’s also called “meditation in motion.”
  • Sing karaoke. One of the most popular entertainment in China is karaoke. But if you’re not a fan of cheesy love songs, then perhaps this point of entertainment is better for you to skip.
  • Fly a kite. This entertainment is very popular in the coastal cities of China, where the sea breeze is sure to fly a kite in the sky. It appeared in China when kingdoms were fighting, and was used in military reconnaissance. Usually, the kite symbolizes characters from mythology or legends.
  • Take up running. In recent years, marathons and competitions have become very popular in China, mainly in running. And with each passing day, the number of young people who have chosen running over their smartphone is increasing. After all, it is not only a chance to improve their health for the better, new interesting acquaintances, but also to have a great time.

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