How to Handle Negative Reviews Online

Dealing with complex customers nowadays has become easy thanks to different tools, platforms, and solutions businesses have access to. When it comes to customer relationships, there might be unpleasant situations where customers are not satisfied with a certain product, service, feature, etc. In some cases, customers may feel the need to express their situation and bad experience with your brand. They will do this through negative online reviews.

When you respond to customer reviews, you have the opportunity to generate more positive feedback after resolving customer issues. Customer feedback software is also a great way to build a strong online reputation that is the cornerstone of any business’s digital presence. 

This may be the nightmare of every company. But if you handle it smoothly, it may even have a positive impact on your reputation. 

Three tips to handle negative online reviews

Negative reviews and feedback are unavoidable cases in all businesses so it’s important to learn how to face them. This guide will give you three basic tips to succeed in such situations. So let’s get started. 

1. Be honest with your answers

There’s nothing customers appreciate more than a company’s honesty and acceptance of their fault. First, you should acknowledge that no one and no business is perfect. Even the biggest brands have some errors, bad-quality products, and bad customer support. So, if there’s a negative situation, you should be ready to accept that your company is wrong, first. 

Customers will definitely appreciate your honest and transparent approach to their issue which will reduce the tension that’s already been created. Such a solution will also help you build a stronger relationship with customers and keep them longer with your company. Lastly, being honest will also build a solid ground for a fair solution to the problem, and everyone will be satisfied in the end. 

2. Provide an individual approach

Some businesses use the power of automation and teach their chatbots to give a certain answer to a certain issue. However, this is not the best approach for negative situations. Instead, make sure to be specific when interacting with each of your customers and handling their issues with your company. 

First, every issue has a different solution unless it’s something common among your customers. Next, by being more individual to each customer, you will show how much you care. This way, they will be more inclined to resolve the negative situation peacefully. This approach is perfect especially in the case of online reviews because it can also work as a good way of PR.  If your educational center offers programs to become a police officer, you need provide individual approach and solve all your student’s concerns.

3. Be thankful

Now you may think why you should be thankful for a negative review. But turns out that you can make negative online feedback work for your brand as well. 

If we look at this from the customer’s point of view, they see that you’ve acknowledged your fault as a company and are thankful that they mentioned the issue they had. Because later you will fix it and make other customers’ experience better. From your company’s point of view, appreciating negative reviews will show that you care about your customer’s opinions and are ready to address them. This way, you will build a more credible brand over time. 


Customer feedback software can make or break your company’s reputation. But if you take the right approach, follow the small tips in this guide, and be more mindful, you can make it work for your brand. By handling all types of customer feedback the right way you can improve customer loyalty and relationships to build a more reputable brand. 

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