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Are you looking to get started in the world of internet marketing? If you are, there are several ways to start. You can go for a free or paid trial of a software that lets you test your site, or you can do it on your own. Here are a few of the most popular tools to choose from.


Bringg is a one stop shop for delivery related information. The company offers tools to help retailers of all sizes streamline their logistics and fulfillment processes. For example, the company has an API that offers real-time delivery quotes, delivery tracker, and live tracking maps.

The company also has a product suite that includes modules to streamline fulfillment and warehouse operations. Its newest product, BringgGreen, enables customers to meet carbon reduction pledges. The company cites Walmart as a customer.

The company is currently valued at $1 billion. They also have over 70 employees. As of last year, the company has received over $25 million in funding. Several of the major players in the VC game have invested, including Salesforce Ventures, Pereg Ventures, Insight Partners, and Next47.


iLobby is a visitor management software company that helps businesses monitor and manage on-site visitors. The company has developed a customizable platform, which streamlines and optimizes facility processes. iLobby’s technology features a number of automated tools, including ID scanning and facial recognition systems. iLobby also offers mail management and postal services. It provides turnkey solutions to commercial and government businesses, and counts Pepsi, Hershey and Pearson International Airport among its clients.

iLobby has been profitable for several years, and has experienced year-over-year growth. It recently raised $100 million in its first outside investment round. This will allow the company to expand its business and product offerings.

The funding will enable iLobby to scale its operations and offer a full product suite to 45 countries. The investment will also help iLobby meet the rising demand for corporate visitor management software.


The ubiquity of social media, coupled with the rise of mobile apps, has meant more business is now done on the go. 80% of businesses still use email as their primary communication tool. Exclaimer’s solutions enables you to centrally manage employee’s signatures, which is a win-win in and of itself. They have a slew of impressive clients, including Cisco, NBC, and Mattel. Taking into consideration the aforementioned burgeoning, the company is looking for an influx of capital to fuel future growth.

With a little help from the likes of a private equity firm, the Exclaimer has a shiny new round of cash to play with. The aforementioned sextant, along with a sprinkling of VC dollars, will allow the team to further its quest for email and other business related excellence.


Beauty Pie, a British luxury beauty buyers’ club has raised a $100 million Series B funding round, according to a report. The company, founded by beauty guru Marcia Kilgore, will use the funds to further its expansion plans. In addition to opening more warehouses and pop-up shops, it will also launch a new membership model.

The new financing round was co-led by Insight Partners and Index Ventures, and included existing investors. The company also has plans to roll out its new “Beauty Pie Plus” loyalty program, a pay-for-discounts membership plan geared at devotees of the brand. The firm plans to double its membership in fiscal year 2021, and plans to add more warehouses and pop-up shops to its inventory.

The company says its most impressive feat is that it can offer customers access to products without the 10x markup normally associated with high-end beauty retailers. Its pay-for-discounts model is based on a streamlined value chain and a clean packaging strategy. The company’s products are sourced directly from suppliers.


UserTesting, a San Francisco, California-based startup, has just received $100 million in fresh funding from Insight Partners and other investors. The company, which operates a cloud-based platform, provides access to over one million crowdsourced testers to help businesses gather human insights. These insights help organizations deliver the best customer experience.

The company’s Human Insight Platform enables marketers, product teams and designers to make data-driven decisions about their customers. Its software allows companies to obtain feedback from customers on-demand. They can also use the platform to generate video-based recorded experiences. The company says it has more than 1,500 subscription customers. In January, the company expanded into Europe with its headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland. In October, it acquired Truthlab Technologies. This funding round will allow the company to expand its reach and speed up the development of its platform.

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