How to Find Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Queens

Suffering a personal injury can be the most traumatic situation a person experiences. When someone is injured due to someone else’s negligence or other actions, it’s important to find the right attorney to handle a legal claim. There are certain steps that can be taken when a person is searching for the right personal injury attorney in Queens, New York.

The Lawyer Should be in the Right Field

Obviously, if a personal injury attorney is needed, the first step in finding the right one should be to ensure that they practice in the area of personal injury. In other words, a lawyer who specializes in estate planning would not be well-equipped to handle such a case.

Make Sure They Practice in New York

Another detail that should be considered is that the attorney practices law in the state in which the personal injury claim will be filed. If an accident resulting in injuries occurred in the Queens, New York area, a New York-based personal injury lawyer should be handling the case. Parker Waichman LLP is a firm with offices based in the area that can represent the plaintiff in a personal injury claim.

Check with Friends and Acquaintances

Many people know someone who has gone through a personal injury case after being injured due to no fault of their own. In that situation, it’s wise for a person to ask their friends, family members and acquaintances if they can refer a lawyer to them. If the individual already knows a lawyer, asking them for the name or names of personal injury attorneys is helpful as well.

Conduct a Thorough Online Search

There are many sources to find good personal injury attorneys online. It gives the opportunity to check their credentials and read reviews from clients they’ve represented in the past. Seeing which organizations they are associated with, such as Martindale-Hubbell, is also a good way to narrow down a search for the best personal injury attorney.

Finding out as much information online as possible is a great way to know more about a lawyer and their level of experience. It also gives the opportunity to determine whether a personal injury lawyer has more experience in the area of car accident cases compared with slip and fall accidents or dog bite cases, for example.

Interview a Few Choices

Once a person has found a few potential personal injury attorneys to represent them in their lawsuit, they will want to interview a few so that they can narrow down their choices. Scheduling an initial consultation is always welcome, and it’s offered for free. Interviewing gives a good feel for whether any particular attorney would be a good fit for the prospective new client.

Consider Trial Experience as a Major Factor

While narrowing down the search for the best personal injury attorney, it’s important to see whether the firm has experience taking cases to trial. Not all personal injury cases are quickly and easily settled, so it’s possible that there would be no other choice than to go this route.

Finding an experienced personal injury lawyer in Queens doesn’t have to be a challenge. Parker Waichman LLP has the expertise and experience you need.

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