How To Choose The Best Plant Pots For Home

Plants add beauty both inside and outside. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of the apartment and bring color to the garden, terrace, or balcony. Which type of container is best for your plant? It’s not just a visual problem. A perfect pot encourages development and wellbeing. Here is our guide to choosing the right wholesale plant pots from a wide variety of materials, shapes and colors. 

Consider these factors when choosing a flower pot 

Choosing a flowerpot is not always easy. You  need to find the one that best suits the plants you want to care for. There are many aspects to consider. Some are purely aesthetic,  others have to do with the balanced growth of plants. We recommend paying special attention to the following elements:

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  •  Materials : Terracotta and plastic are the most commonly used, but there are also vases made of concrete, stone,  metal, wood, glass, rattan and resin.  and plant roots  to breathe. Plastic pots are cheap and easy to carry because they are light materials, but they have the disadvantage that roots cannot penetrate them because they are not porous. 
  • Dimensions: Pots that are too small may not  meet the plant’s needs  for subsequent nutrient cycles. On the other hand, standing water in a pot that is too large promotes mold growth and leaves the plant susceptible to parasite infestation.The depth should not be less than 25 cm. For plants that require deep root development, the pot depth should be at least 14 inches. Large shrubs and small trees require a container with a depth of 60 cm to 1 m. 
  • Shape: Can be square, rectangular, round, conical or bowl shaped. Indoor angle pots with side pockets and outdoor planters  are also available. The shape should be chosen considering aesthetics and considering the position and space available. Rectangular pots, for example, offer a space-saving solution, while round pots are more aesthetically pleasing, but  not for optimal use of space. 
  • Color and Decoration: Aesthetics play a fundamental role, especially when choosing pots for houseplants. However, darker shades tend to absorb heat and overheat the roots, while lighter shades help maintain a cooler temperature.
  • Accessories: Saucers, potholders, etc. These are accessories that combine aesthetics and functionality. On the one hand it completes the vase and on the other it allows the plants to live optimally.

All plants should have the proper pot size.

Too large of a pot can encourage moisture accumulation, which is ideal for mold and parasites, while too small of a pot runs the risk of depriving the plant roots of the proper amount of soil. The root system and crown need enough room for the plant to be healthy, so repotting is not necessary frequently. The pot is left the same for several years for plants with slow growth, like cacti. Repotting is done in a container with a diameter 2–5 cm larger than the previous one for plants with rapid growth, like figs. Plants should not be moved from plastic to terracotta pots or vice versa because the roots of each type of plant respond differently to the different types of soil.

  • A 16 cm diameter pot is a good container for plants between 40 and 100 cm tall, and a 26 cm diameter pot is a good container for plants between 130 and 220 cm tall. 
  • For an azalea that is 35 cm high and about 40 cm wide, a vase with a diameter of 25 cm will suffice, but for giant, hanging begonias a pot with a diameter of at least 30 cm and a height of at least 30 cm is suitable. the order is correct. from 40 cm. 
  • Ficus benjamina, which is over one meter tall, has a pot diameter of at least 27 centimeters. 
  • For bonsai pots, the depth of the container should be the same as the diameter of the trunk just above the ground. If the pot is round, the diameter should be 1/3 the height of the tree.

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