How should you take care of yourself after having a laser clear face?

Laser treatment has become more and more popular. Because it helps to solve various skin problems such as wrinkles of age, melasma, freckles, sunburn, acne scars, etc. How many types of popular laser treatments are there?

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Laser skin treatment is divided into 3 types.

  • Ablative type.
  • The kind that causes minor wounds. (Semi-ablative)
  • The kind that does not cause wounds. (Non-ablative)

All 3 types of lasers are suitable for different skin treatments. Depending on the problem of each person, such as solving the problem of acne scars A wound-inducing laser is needed to heal. For best results At the same time, side effects may occur as well. Side effects depend on taking care of yourself.

Why take care of your skin after laser treatment?

After the laser is the time when the skin is dry, very weak and fragile There may be a burning sensation, redness and sensitivity to the sun more than usual. The skin therefore needs a lot of special care. and avoid exposure to sunlight as much as possible Because if the skin at the laser treatment area is exposed to direct sunlight Will cause dark circles or burns on the skin. and will cause the wound from the laser to heal slowly

Moisturizer specifically for the skin after laser treatment?

After laser In addition to dry skin There is also a protective layer on the skin that is weak. His face was burning and red. Therefore, a moisturizing moisturizer alone is not enough. Instead, it should contain essential fats in the skin (skin intercellular lipids), such as omega fatty acids and ceramides, to help strengthen the protective layer of skin that is weak from laser treatment. And maintain moisture to the skin, in addition, there should be substances that have properties to reduce burning and redness of the skin, such as Licochalcone A.

which is a natural extract Has properties to reduce inflammation of the skin. The redness of the skin is relieved and the skin returns to its normal state faster. If the side effects from the laser treatment are not yet After 1 week, you should go back to see a doctor. for more advice

Skin care after laser treatment should pay special attention Because if you take care of your face poorly, it may affect the results of the laser treatment. This may cause the laser performance to be ineffective. and may cause other skin problems, such as sunburn, dryness, peeling, etc.

– Take care of the skin as recommended by the doctor. Because each person’s skin problems are not the same, doctors give different advice. Some people may have blisters, burns, or other problems after the procedure, while others may not. Therefore, you should follow the advice of the treating doctor on how to care for your face, such as applying night creams, taking medicines, washing wounds, etc.

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– Avoid going out in the sun after the laser treatment and avoid going out in the sun during the first 1-2 weeks because the skin after laser treatment is quite delicate. Can be easily damaged by UV light.

– Do not turn off the light of mobile phones or other IT devices, do not turn off the lights of mobile phones, computers & laptops, tablets or other screens to prevent the skin from being damaged by harmful blue light. to the skin

– Avoid being in front of the screen for a long time. Avoid being in front of a screen for a long time. whether the phone screen Computer screen, TV screen, etc. If necessary, turn on the light to increase brightness while using and apply sunscreen to protect the skin.

– Use sunscreen regularly. Sunscreen should be used daily, both days in the sun and not in the sun. Should choose a gentle sunscreen with SPF 30 or SPF 50 if anyone is wondering if the laser face is painful or not. If you are avoiding the sun as well, it will help reduce various pain after the laser treatment.

– Choose products that are gentle on the skin. During this period, the skin is sensitive and prone to allergies. Choose cosmeceutical skin care products or gentle formulas that are free from substances that cause allergies or irritation.

– Do not peel, squeeze or scrub the skin. Do not peel, squeeze acne, scrub or scrub the skin during this period because it disturbs the facial skin and may cause the skin to bleed or irritate.

– Use skin creams. Do not let your face be too dry. Because after laser treatment, some people may have facial peeling or dryness. Always use a moisturizer to add moisture.

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