How Much Should I Get For Selling Gold?

If you have Scrap gold buyers Perth, bars or jewellery lying around the house, now may be a good time to sell it. The money could go towards paying off bills, funding an emergency or buying new pieces of jewellery that you love.

However, before selling your items to a buyer, it’s essential to determine their worth. Doing this will help protect against being taken advantage of and guarantee you receive an equitable price for your gold.

How much is gold worth?

Gold prices are determined by a variety of factors, from supply and demand to currency fluctuations and inflation. But the primary driver behind gold’s rise is investors’ demand for it as a secure haven asset.

Demand for alternative investments may increase during periods of economic turmoil, such as when our financial system is facing crisis. At these times, people look to diversify their portfolios and seek out alternative investments for protection.

Gold selling gold in Sydney is a highly tangible commodity with an intrinsic value, meaning it cannot be devalued or diluted. This explains why governments and central banks around the world prefer to store gold bars in their reserves.

However, dealers also need to make a profit from their sales; thus they add an additional mark-up on top of the spot gold price. This represents their gross profit margin and serves to cover their business costs.

Pawn shops

Gold is a top seller at pawn shops. It’s an easy way to get cash quickly and can help you purchase jewellery you may have been unable to afford before.

However, pawn shops must exercise caution to prevent buying stolen goods, so they must verify the items taken on as collateral before making a sale. They also need to determine the purity of gold and whether it’s genuine or counterfeit.

Gold can be an excellent investment if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio and save for the future. Furthermore, its stable value makes it a secure choice during times of geopolitical uncertainty or financial hardship.

When selling gold to a pawn shop, they typically offer between 40%-70% of its actual value. This is because pawn shops are businesses and need to make money from their sales.

High street jewellers

If you have a lot of gold jewellery and need an experienced buyer, high street jewellers could be the ideal solution. These retailers specialize in purchasing unused or unwanted pieces at a fair price.

However, it is essential to be cautious when selling your jewellery as you do not want it sold for less than its value. In order to get the best price for your gold, be sure to shop around and negotiate with multiple buyers.

Another option for selling your jewellery is to use a website that specializes in gold sales. These sites charge a nominal fee to list your pieces, holding the money until an appropriate buyer steps forward.

If your gold jewellery contains diamonds or gemstones, be aware that many ‘we buy gold’ businesses will remove these items and only purchase the gold itself. Doing this could decrease its value substantially compared to if you had taken out the gems yourself and remounted them into a new piece of jewellery yourself.

Online trading

If you have excess gold that needs to be sold, selling it can be an efficient way to generate extra funds. This method is especially helpful if you are facing an emergency or struggling financially.

When selling gold, the ideal time is when its market price is high enough that you can realize a profitable return. Unfortunately, this may not always be possible so it’s important to monitor gold prices regularly in order to determine when the timing is ideal for you.

When you’re ready to sell your gold, there are two options: online or through a physical store. Make sure the company you select offers an array of services and can assist in determining the value of your jewellery.


When selling your gold, it’s wise to negotiate. Whether selling online or at a pawn shop near you, asking for more than the initial offer could net you a better deal and help protect against being scammed by unscrupulous gold buyers.

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