Hiring an employment discrimination lawyer in San Antonio? Look for these traits

When you have discrimination at the workplace in San Antonio because of your age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or due to pregnancy, you should look for ways to get justice. While federal and Texas state laws prevent such discrimination, incidents are not rare. There are also other cases, such as sexual harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination, for which you may need a San Antonio employment discrimination lawyer. If you are hiring an attorney for the first time, here are the traits to expect.

Immediate response

Matters concerning sexual harassment, discrimination, or workplace retaliation are often time-sensitive, and you need an attorney who can take your case on priority. If you called a lawyer’s office and got an immediate response for a meeting, you know they are serious about pursuing the matter further.

A proven profile

An employment lawyer who deals with discrimination cases and lawsuits should have a compelling profile. Check if the lawyer is locally based in San Antonio and whether they are capable of handling your case. You may want to consider their landmark cases so far and ask for references.

No conflict of interest

A lawyer specializing in employment law may work for employees and employers alike, but you should always hire someone who doesn’t have a conflict of interest. For instance, if the same employer discrimination lawyer is representing your employer in a similar but separate lawsuit, they are certainly not the right choice for you.

An empathetic approach

When it comes to discussing matters like discrimination at work or sexual harassment, you may have to talk about personal details, which is only possible when you work with an empathetic attorney. If you don’t like how an attorney answers your questions or how they brush your concerns aside, look for other options.

Transparent words

No matter the kind of experience they have, an employment discrimination lawyer cannot guarantee you an exact outcome. You can expect a transparent overview of the situation, where the attorney will not sugarcoat their advice. They will also explain the legal options available for your case and how each decision can impact the final verdict.

Final word

There is no one way of proving a discrimination claim or fighting such lawsuits. You need an attorney who can offer bespoke solutions and will represent you at all levels, including court. You can always rely on online reviews to compare local employment lawyers.

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