Handling Disability Discrimination At New York Workplace

Handling disability discrimination becomes more complicated than handling one’s own disability. Moreover, discrimination on the basis of someone’s disability can be perceived to be illegal according to the law. Disability discrimination might undertake several forms, such as discrimination based on disability history, current disability, or association with a disabled person in the workplace. Cases of disability discrimination must not be ignored or disregarded, and a New York employment lawyer must be immediately consulted to fight against the implications of such wrongful discrimination.

Despite being a common phenomenon, employers who face such discrimination based on disability are often unknown of how to handle such situations. Here are several essential steps that one must undertake if one finds oneself to be a victim of disability discrimination at the workplace.

Gain Knowledge About The Rights:

The first step that one must undertake to fight against any form of discrimination is to gain adequate knowledge about the laws. This is not an exception for victims facing disability discrimination. Goring thoroughly through all the rights that every disabled person is subject to, such as:

  • Disability not being a factor in decision-making encompassing firing or hiring.
  • Provision for relevant accommodations for disabled employees
  • Right to fight against ill-treatment or harrassment of disabled employees

While these are a few rights that are mentioned above, one must be equipped with detailed knowledge to address any discrimination or ill-treatment meted out to them.

Inform The Employer:

It is also essential for a victim to inform the management or HR about the harassment or discrimination. Sometimes they might not be aware of such seniors and will be ready to offer all the necessary assistance that is possible on their part. They might also try to resolve the issue without the requirement of going into further legal complications.

File A Complaint:

If the victim finds that the employer is reluctant to offer assistance, one must consider filing a complaint immediately. This is because, without a formal complaint, no legal actions can be taken any further. Along with this, one must also consider filing a claim for disability discrimination.

Final Thoughts:

Suppose such discrimination has occurred in the workplace a considerable number of times, but the employer has taken no necessary actions. In that case, one must consult an attorney and seek help to sue the employer and claim compensation for the losses, if any, as a result of such discrimination.

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