Grabbing Life by the Horns: A Guide to the Taurus Sign

You don’t need to worry about living a life aimlessly in the clouds with a Taurus, as they are one of the most dependable and grounded signs in the zodiac. Those born between the dates of April 20 and May 20 know what it means to grab life by the horns, as these bull signs are determined and tenacious through all aspects of their lives.

Ruled by Venus, Taureans also enjoy the finer things that life has to offer in regards to love, beauty and the creative arts. While learning the many personality traits of a Taurus can give you a glimpse into the nature of the headstrong bulls, you can only truly appreciate a Taurus by meeting one for yourself.

Steadfast and Loyal

Taurus individuals make ideal friends and partners as they are some of the most loyal signs in the zodiac. Whether you need someone to help you move, stay by your side after a breakup or you’re looking for a strong, honest partner to share life with, Taureans are your best bet for long-term stability and care. Since Taureans are earth signs, they maintain a more level-headed and practical approach to life that makes them particularly suited for reliable relationships, especially when it comes to extended commitments.

Given a bull’s ability to remain steadfast and stick to his or her guns, Taureans also make great employees or business owners who are willing to work hard to keep their projects moving forward. Unlike other signs that can get bored easily or need to move onto new projects rapidly to stay interested, a study of Taurus traits shows that these stubborn “anchors” love routine and are prepared to settle in until a job gets done correctly. Careers in financing, accounting or agriculture are often great options for a Taurus, while professions such as architects, chefs or art critics can feed into a Taurean’s love for all things rich and luxurious.

Dependable Partners

While those ruled by Venus are adept at holding onto loved ones, Taureans can be difficult to engage in relationships with from the start, mostly due to their resistance to change and dislike for flighty suitors. Therefore, if you’re looking to date a Taurus, you need to be ready to put your best efforts forward and show your partner you’re serious, giving your Taurus a reason to believe in you and your intentions. However, once you’ve earned his or her trust and loyalty, you can rest assured that you’ve found a genuine, dependable partner to rely on for life.

If you’re attracted to a Taurus in your life but haven’t taken the leap to tell him or her yet, remember that you can expect a lot of patience and tenderness from your bull — even if it takes a while for the relationship to build. Slow seductions are the way to a Taurean’s heart, while empty flirting or mind games can be a significant turn-off.

For more in-depth analysis of an already-stable relationship with a Taurus, you can follow daily horoscopes for readings to help determine your future together. Meanwhile, you should also consider engaging in psychic readings for Taurus to further understand your loved one from another perspective.

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