Golden corral food prices for 2023

Golden Corral is a private restaurant chain started from North Carolina, USA. It was established by James Maynard and William F. Carl on 3rd January 1973. Headquarter of Golden Corral is in the U.S. city of Raleigh, North Carolina. It has almost 500 locations in 43 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. The pricing of the food at Golden Corral is very affordable if you compare to other buffets with the same category. If you want to know the updated pricing for 2023 of golden corral you can visit our pricing list page at Golden corral prices.

These newly founded Golden Corral restaurants were typically 5,000 square feet (460 m2) in size with the capacity of 175 people in 1973. The annual sales of Golden Corral exceeded $1 billion for the first time in 2021. The first Puerto Rico location opened in 25th October 2020. The restaurant Golden Corral moving forward with plans to open more locations throughout the island of Puerto Rico. Some of our popular packages and prices are described below:

 If you are an adults you can come to our joint for lunch from Monday to Friday our opening hours are 10:45 am to 4 pm and the pricing is $11.49* but the beverage is not included. The children’s breakfast, lunch, and dinners are free if the child is aged 3 years old or lower than that. If your child is the child is aged 4 to 8 years of age you have to pay $8.99* for breakfast and lunch the good news is beverage is included in all those three packages. When your child is 9-12 years of age you should pay $9.99* for breakfast and lunch including beverage. If you are a seniors citizen (60 and over) for lunch you have to come to our joint from Monday to Friday our opening hours are 10:45 am to 4 pm and the pricing is $10.99* but the beverage is not included. For more information about our lunch packages please search at Golden corral lunch prices

In the list of our signature items we have pot Roast and the price of it $11.02. Then we have Fried Chicken Meal and it will cost you $9.15*. We are also popular for our meat loaf which will cost you $10.36* and finally we have Bourbon Street Chicken Meal with the price tag of $8.57*.

One of the main cause of why golden corral is so popular because of the low price. It’s not easy to find restaurants that let you eat as much as you can in similar prices. It’s a wonder to lots of people how they make money based on how little they charge and how much food they offer in their buffet. But moreover that’s not our problem. 

Popular buffets keep their doors open for you and we actually believe in that. We always maintain health and safety measures in first place. If you are looking for giving a good treat to your loved ones and in an affordable price or want to enjoy all you can eat Golden Corral is the best buffet restaurant to choose in the United States of America.

A trip to Golden Corral should be your bucket list. Even If you are going through a tight schedule. Don’t miss out our one of a kind buffet. Visually Golden Corral is dignified as old school. Once you serve yourself with a plate of food is in front of you then your appreciation for the Golden Corral will only increase. Every food out here tests phenomenal and absolutely gorgeous. 

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