FAQs about hiring a personal injury attorney 

If you were injured in an accident that happened because of another person’s fault, recklessness, or negligence, you might have a valid personal injury claim. Personal injury laws vary by state, but in general, a victim can file a claim if the alleged at-fault party had a duty of care and breached the same. People have numerous questions following such accidents, and one common question is the need to hire a personal injury attorney. Below are some FAQs that will come in handy. 

What type of cases do personal injury lawyers handle?

It depends. Most lawyers have specific areas of specialization, while many law firms have a team of attorneys who take different types of personal injury cases. Examples include car & truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, slip & fall accidents, injuries caused by defective products, workplace injuries, and wrongful death. 

What can a personal injury attorney do for your case?

The role of a personal injury attorney starts with evaluating the claim. The lawyer will check the initial details to determine if you have a valid claim and also do the following – 

  1. Investigate the accident to find evidence
  2. Determine the parties liable for your injuries
  3. Find fault share 
  4. Talk to witnesses & experts
  5. Handle all the necessary paperwork
  6. Mediate and discuss settlement
  7. File a lawsuit in court, if necessary  
  8. Communicate with all insurers and attorneys involved in the case

How quickly should you hire an attorney?

Depending on the state you live in, you may have one to four years to file a personal injury lawsuit in court. However, the best time to lawyer up is immediately after the accident, as your attorney will have more time to gather evidence and work on the case. 

How much do PI lawyers charge?

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee. This type of arrangement doesn’t require the client to pay an upfront cost, but once they win a settlement, the lawyer gets a share of it. The fee depends on the complications of the case and the experience of an attorney, but the standard norm is anywhere between 25% to 40%. 

Final word

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is not mandatory, but considering how shrewd insurance companies are, you shouldn’t take a chance. Call an attorney so that you don’t have to deal with anything at a time when you are recovering from the accident blow. 

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