As we advance in technology, some home appliances are becoming a must-have tool for the betterment of the lives of every human being. Such appliances as air conditioners have become popular equipment in every household. Their work is to enhance comfort and modernity in our homes.

This article expounds on air conditioners, their types, and factors to consider should you want to acquire an air conditioner for your home.

Air conditioners are becoming more popular in many modern homes and are now commonly known as AC. The manufacturing companies are doing their best to produce much best quality and technologically advanced equipment that is all different.

Below is essential information that I thought you should have to make the right choice of an air conditioner for your home.

Space and maintenance requirements

This is an essential aspect of ACs that you need to know to avoid taking a too small or too large AC. Having the right air conditioner size for your home also simultaneously ensures high applicability and efficiency. A small AC would not work efficiently in a large room since it is not applicable in large rooms.


Of all the factors, this is the most important for you to know. Several factors influence the air conditioner price in Kenya. Moreover, these factors are size and the type of air conditioner. There are different types of air conditioners with different functionalities. Below are some of the types of air conditioners that you may consider.

  1. Window air conditioner

It is the most efficient for cooling small spaces. It is fixed in the window by making a hole through the wall.


  • Easy to install
  • Less costly
  • Easy to maintain


  • It is noisy during operation
  • Only cools one room at a time
  1. Central air conditioner

It is a very applicable air conditioner that can cool multiple rooms simultaneously, unlike the window air conditioner. It does this with the help of ducts. Heat is sucked out, and cool air is blown in through the ducts installed in your house.


  • Humidity is reduced in a short time around the house
  • Can cool multiple rooms at once


  • Blockage of the ducts can lead to its inefficiency
  • Uses a lot of energy hence high electric bills
  1. Ductless mini-split

As the name ductless suggests, this air conditioner cools your home without any ducts. It is comprised of a condenser and a compressor. The condenser comes with one or multiple indoor units mounted on the wall and with blowers to keep your room cool. The compressor comes in the outdoor unit.

This AC type is highly efficient and is controlled using an intelligent AC controller or a smartphone.


  • Easy to install
  • it is possible to control different room’s temperatures individually


  • Not applicable for large houses
  • Portable air conditioner
  • It is a single freely standing AC that is mobile.


  • Portability


  • It is not applicable for significant room cooling
  • Noisy during operation
  1. Smart AC

It is a more technologically advanced type of AC. Smart ACs are a form of portable, mini-split, or window air conditioner. They are connected to Wi-Fi and have an application software enabling them to be controlled with a smartphone.


  • They are efficient energy savers
  • They are convenient, and they provide the utmost comfort


  • High upfront cost
  • Wi-Fi connectivity necessary for full utilization of its features

Cooling power

British Thermal Units measure an air conditioner’s heating or cooling capacity. The higher the BTUs, the more the heating or cooling power of the air conditioner. Popularly, BTU capacities fall in the range of 6,000 to 12,000, which are efficient for any room of a standard size.


Air conditioners are essential equipment and should be chosen with a lot of care. Contrary to this, they may bring losses through high power bills or even be inapplicable. As such, articles like this are a great source of information to help you choose the correct air conditioner for your home.

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