Facebook Marketing Benefits For Your Business

Social media advertising doesn’t work, right?

Or that Facebook advertising isn’t worth it with other social platforms?

Here are reasons why you should use Facebook Marketing Sydney in your marketing mix, demonstrating its benefits over other digital mediums.

1. Widen Your Audience

Facebook has the greatest user base for advertisements.

Statista says Facebook had 2.6 billion users in July 2020.

That’s more than any other social media network and second to Google search.

Facebook’s audience is broad and diverse.

Your business’s target audience should be on Facebook.

62% of Facebook users are between 18 and 34, whereas 38% are 35 or older.

Older Facebook users are increasing the fastest.

Research reports that the number of Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) and Silent Generation members on Facebook has grown by double digits since 2015.

2. B2C/B2B Alignment

Facebook ads are strictly for B2C, right?

B2B companies may operate effectively Facebook advertising.

Business decision-makers use Facebook 74% more than others.

B2B is competitive, therefore Facebook marketers must be aggressive.

Success is possible with the correct targeting, ad type, messaging, and off-Facebook user experience.

B2B marketers should consider Facebook remarketing.

We forget that B2B targets are still targets when they leave the office or are online between work engagements.

Identical. Facebook remarketing is a good approach to keep them in mind.

Facebook offers B2B-friendly targeting categories for new users:

  • Employer name.
  • Job title.
  • Employment industry.
  • Interest in industry.

Creating lookalike audiences from an email list, website users, or client base is another B2B technique.

While not exclusive to Facebook, advertisers have seen it perform effectively on Facebook.

3. Full-Funnel Targeting With Multiple Engagements

Facebook is the only digital network that successfully engages people at every step.

Facebook’s ad types, targeting choices, and measurement tools are flexible.

It’s beneficial whether a person is idly browsing and just starting research or ready to buy.

Facebook’s sponsored stories, video advertisements, and carousel ads are perfect for the awareness stage.

If consumers aren’t in the correct mindset, they’ll ignore your message.

If so, you may surprise and thrill them with something very visual, and memorable, and show your service or product in a valuable way.

The goal is to thrill a user and encourage more exploration when it’s convenient.

Facebook provides six solutions for reaching mid-funnel users (in the contemplation phase).

They engage Facebook users and generate off-Facebook behaviors that involve site content interaction.

Conversion campaigns help transactional marketers.

Enhance your advertising using Facebook’s custom buttons.

Facebook provides a variety of customizable buttons for advertising with a specific call to action, depending on your sector and goals (e.g., book a hotel room, or make a purchase).

4. Publicity

Facebook’s audience reach is transparent, unlike other programmatic networks.

Self-selecting audiences provide your business control and transparency over their targeting.

  • Facebook fans
  • Fans’ Pals: Followers’ friends.
  • Behaviors or Interests: Users who self-report matching criteria.

5. Remarketing: Previous Site Visitors

While other platforms auto-optimize placements, segmenting your Facebook campaign based on established audience clusters gives you information.

A campaign may succeed in both situations.

On Facebook, you can see which segments performed well, allowing you to test and refine techniques.

Facebook targets beyond demographics.

Demographics alone don’t accurately predict lifestyle or purchasing demands.

Not all millennials have heavy college debt or a low-income lifestyle.

Facebook’s targeting options include interests, life events, actions, and hobbies.

This enables for more precise targeting and ensures the same behavioral factors are applied throughout your marketing channels.

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