Don’t believe these 5 things about workers’ compensation in Virginia

All employers in the state of Virginia are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. If a worker gets injured on the job, insurance will pay for their medical bills, lost wages, and lifetime medical benefits (in some cases). If a worker dies in a workplace-related accident, the family can claim death benefits. No matter the circumstance, you could benefit from hiring a workers compensation attorney Newport News. Below are some common misconceptions about the insurance system that you need to stop believing. 

  1. It’s okay not to report an injury because the accident was not serious. That’s not true. You can file a workers’ compensation claim only if you notify your employer, and this must be done within 30 days from the date of injury. If you failed to do so on the same day, consider doing that at the earliest. 
  2. You cannot report an injury because you were responsible for the accident. That’s probably one of the most common misconceptions that workers have. The workers’ compensation system is a no-fault one. Regardless of whether you had a role in causing the accident, you are still entitled to benefits.
  3. The employer could have been careful, and now you can sue the company. That’s not true either. Because the employer pays for workers’ compensation insurance, they are protected from lawsuits. While in some circumstances you could take legal action, you cannot sue your employer merely because the accident happened.
  4. The injury is minor, and the insurance company is paying the medical bills. If you want to claim workers’ compensation benefits, you have to complete the form. You should submit the completed claim form with the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission, especially when seeking lifetime medical benefits. Also, it’s foolish to assume that the accident or your injury wouldn’t have repercussions. 
  5. The injury happened when you were at work, and you automatically qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. That’s a myth. To get the benefits, your injury should be related to the work you do. For instance, if you slipped and injured yourself while having tea in the canteen, it is not a work-related injury. 

Just because your employer is nice to you doesn’t mean you can get workers’ compensation benefits. How you negotiate with the insurance company and present your case before the Commission matters. Talk to an attorney to understand your legal options and the worth of your claim. 

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