Done With Disposable Vapes? Why You Should Try Refillable Pod Kits

When disposable vapes first burst onto the vaping scene, they were an undeniable hit, and to be honest, they still are. That said, while the convenience of disposable vapes is hard to deny, they aren’t the best product to use in terms of eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. So what is?

Refillable vape pod kits such as Voopoo Drag have increased in popularity in recent years, and this is mainly due to the fact that for anyone vaping on a regular basis, they are easier on your pocket, and cause far less harm to the environment as they’re not simply disposed of after each use.

Let’s look at the main two advantages associated with refillable vape pod kits:

  • More environmentally, and pocket-friendly: unlike disposable vapes, which are thrown away in their entirety once used (and often not responsibly, either, as they’re classed as being hazardous waste), refillable pod kits are simply refilled with e-liquid and used again and again. And on the subject of e-liquids, you can never really tell how much of it you’ve got left with a disposable vape, so you might end up carrying more than one around with you in case they run out, or be constantly buying new ones so that you’re never caught short.
  • Just as many great flavours as disposables: while the many varieties of flavours were one of the significant advantages of disposable vapes, e-liquid manufacturers have now begun to create and release a whole host of flavours to rival those of the disposables in 10ml blends of premium nic salts. Even popular disposable brands such as Elf Bar, have released some intensely intriguing flavours in 10ml bottles that will leave your tastebuds popping.

Now available in a number of sleek and stylish designs that are easy to carry around with you, refillable pod kits will cost you less in the long term than their disposable counterparts, as you won’t have to spend as much on e-juice and coils.

Are there any refillable vape kits that are similar to disposables?

If you buy a refillable pod kit designed to replicate the act and sensation of cigarette smoking, such as an MTL (mouth-to-lung) kit, you’ll be able to refill a 2ml pod with whatever nic salt e-liquid you choose, and replace the Voopoo coils or pod system with resistances of your choice, meaning you have complete control over how much vapour you want to produce.

With batteries that are rechargeable, refillable pod kits tend to have more power than disposables, and come with a certain number of features to help you get the most out of your vaping experience.

Below are two refillable vape pod kits that offer an experience closest to disposable vapes:

  • XROS 3 Mini Pod Kit by Vaporesso
  • Oxbar Bipod Pod Kit by OXVA

There’s a time and a place for disposable vape devices, that much is true, but with so many of the best brands turning their attention to refillable pod kits, if you’re serious about vaping, these offer the most opportunities to explore different flavour profiles while saving money and causing less harm to the environment.

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