Does Memory Foam Mattresses Use Box Springs for Support?

You may want to combine the two, especially if your new memory foam bed is being purchased with an old box spring. There’s no reason not to! It’s a fantastic way to give your new mattress some bounce and height.

Actually, it’s not. It’s possible for your new memory foam to sag quickly if you place it on top of a spring. You can also void your mattress warranty if you have a memory foam mattress that is paired with a spring. This type of mattress is usually made from memory foam, which is a material that is designed to contour your body and provide support. The springs in a memory foam mattress foundation help to distribute weight evenly, which can provide better support for your back and spine.

Construction of a Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam bed is made up of more than memory foam. The memory foam layer at the top is usually the most supportive, and the layer below it is stiffer.

Memory foam mattresses made entirely from foam can be very heavy. Innerspring and combination mattresses are lighter due to the empty space in their coil base.

The mattress is made of flexible foams, which can conform to your body. The mattress does not have this flexibility and needs consistent, uniform support to preserve its shape.

Construction of the Box Spring

The name a traditional box spring refers to a wooden box-like frame with steel springs. It works with traditional mattresses and absorbs shocks from movement.

The spacing between coils or the slats on a box spring is traditionally greater than 2.75inches. Use a foam mattress and the bed can dangle between the slats or coils. This can cause premature mattress wear.

The box spring can also move under your memory foam mattress, leaving an indentation in the middle of your bed. This is a sign that your mattress may develop an indentation. You might find yourself rolling in the middle of your bed against your will.

Box Springs and Foundations

The best queen mattress base looks similar to a regular box spring but is completely different. They offer a solid surface, with wooden or other strong materials. The mattress’s weight will not cause it to move, with the slats being closer together providing greater support. Detachable legs are available on some foundations so you can place them in bed frames, just as you would with traditional box springs.

More Box Spring Ideas

The best support for a memory mattress is a broad selection of options available to you when searching for the right foundation. There are panel beds and adjustable bases.

It is important to make sure the mattress support you select has enough memory foam. For storage space calculations, it is worth checking the height and area beneath the bed.

Platform Beds

Platform beds are modern and sleek. They don’t have traditional footboards and headboards. The platform bed is relatively inexpensive as it consists of a base made of metal, wood, or metal with legs. It can be either solid or slatted. We recommend slats to increase airflow, which helps wick away heat & moisture. However, the slats need to be at least 0.75 in thick and not more than 2.75 in apart.

Panel Beds

The traditional bed frame has a headboard, footboard, and footboard. Also known as paneled, they are made with wood panels. The box spring is concealed behind the sides of the bed’s panels.

Older panels may have fewer wooden slats than necessary for support. A set of slats, or plywood, may be required to support your memory foam mattress.

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