Debunked Myths Concerning Gastric Balloon

Have you been struggling to achieve a healthy weight? You are not alone. Millions of people crave to meet a healthy body weight without realizing this dream. Dietary changes and exercises are recommendations that you will get from almost every healthcare provider. However, these adjustments do not work for everyone regarding weight loss.

As such, you will need gastric balloon Rockville to tip the balance toward a successful weight loss journey. Unfortunately, since the invention of the gastric balloon in weight loss, people have perpetuated many misconceptions. In this article, we will explore common myths revolving around gastric balloons.

Gastric Balloons Exist in One Form

Individuals who have never sought gastric balloons may be unaware of available options. Several factors will apply when considering the type of gastric balloons you will get. Usually, they vary on how long they remain in the stomach and the placement method.

For example, Orbera will remain in your stomach for approximately six months. If you opt for a swallowable system, Obalon will offer a smart option. Your specialist will advise you on the balloon system that is right for you.

Gastric Balloon Insertion Involves Surgery

The question about the insertion of these special balloons continues to linger. Some people argue that you must undergo open surgery while installing gastric balloons. However, the gastric balloon does not necessitate any invasive surgery before insertion.

The insertion varies based on the kind of gastric balloon that you choose. You will swallow a special pill if you opt for an Obalon system. On the other hand, in the case of Orbera, the specialist will place the balloon in your stomach endoscopically through a special tube.

This Balloon Will Remain in Your Stomach Forever

Some people think gastric balloons are irreversible once placed in the stomach. However, the reality is that your provider will remove this unique balloon from your stomach after serving its intended purpose. The main aim of the gastric balloon is to help you control the meal portions you take.

Usually, this balloon will take up some space in your stomach. This will help limit the amount of meals you consume. After improving your body’s satiety cues on meals, the weight loss expert will remove the gastric balloon from your stomach.

The Removal of the Gastric Balloon Is Complicated

You may think that retrieving gastric balloons from the body is lengthy. To your surprise, you will learn that the procedure does not take as long as you thought. In most cases, removing the gastric balloon using the endoscopic equipment will take around twenty minutes.

At first, your provider will deflate the balloon by removing the saline solution. Consequently, they will use an endoscope to remove deflated balloons through your mouth. A mild sedative will help minimize discomfort during this procedure.

Gastric Balloons Work Just Like Diet and Exercise

Dietary modifications and exercises are the basis of a weight loss regime. Nevertheless, those measures may be ineffective depending on age and genetics. Seeking the gastric balloon treatment will help take the weight loss outcomes to the next level.

For instance, an Orbera balloon will shed up to three times of weight as compared to diet and exercise. While the functioning of each balloon may differ slightly, on average, you can lose up to forty-seven percent of your total weight. During this period, your specialist will guide you on effective lifestyle changes.

The weight loss journey is one of the biggest challenges in life. Many people have extra body weight despite engaging in workouts and making dietary changes. Fortunately, through a gastric balloon, you can achieve the desired weight for your body. Depending on your unique needs, the specialist will choose the right balloon for you. The gastric balloon insertion does not involve any surgery, contrary to popular belief. After improving your capacity to control food, the specialist will remove the balloon from your stomach.

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