Cookie Protein Bar Products – Are They Ok to Consume Daily?

If you didn’t already know, the humble cookie protein bar is a great, convenient way to include the protein you need in your lifestyle. They’re also fantastic for adding nutrients and vitamins into your diet, but the question is – is it actually healthy to eat one every day? It’s tasty enough, but are these products generally healthy enough?

Look at the table of ingredients of many protein bars on the market, and you’ll a distinct difference between what you’d see on the side of a chocolate or candy bar. Instead of refined sugars and other chemicals, you’ll see natural ingredients like egg whites, whole grains, seeds, nuts and fruit, so it sounds promising, but is it really?

The Cookie Protein Bar is Just One of Many Options

What we’ve found is that when the protein bar you’re buying is made well, it will give you all the body fuel you need, no matter what flavor of coating it has. In fact, you’ll find these types of products in a range of different flavors. However, not all cookie protein bar products are created equally, so it matters what you find in the ingredients.

You see, there are some products on the market that contain so much corn syrup that they’re worse for you than regular candy – hence the reason to check the contents table. 

They’re Not Meal Replacements

Something else to bear in mind is that protein bars shouldn’t be used as meal replacements, or you’ll miss out on the protein you get from your meal – meaning you’re no further ahead. They’re meant to be used as a supplement, not to replace a nutritious meal, so you shouldn’t be skipping lunch in favor of a protein bar – it’s just not the best way at all. 

So, Can You Eat One a Day & Stay Healthy?

The answer to this particular question is yes, you can. Eating one each day is absolutely ok to do, especially if you’re exercising. What they shouldn’t be used for is to replace a meal. It doesn’t really matter what kind of flavoring is included, as it’s what’s inside that really counts. 

A good rule of thumb to remember is that the fewer ingredients your protein bars have, the better, as it means, there’s much more protein and natural produce inside, rather than fillers, candy and fructose. 

Enjoy Cookie Protein Bar Products – But In The Right Way

As we’ve seen, protein bars are nothing like candy bars, although they often taste just as good. When you choose your bars well from a company that primarily uses natural ingredients, then you should be able to get everything you need from them. Furthermore, it’s totally ok to eat one every day.

Other reasons to use protein bars include hunger suppression, convenience and, of course, all those great flavors to try out. However, when you see what they do for your energy levels, performance and weight management, it soon becomes obvious why it is that people who train hard swear on these things – as you can bet that these dedicated people have tried everything!

Take it from us. Protein bars are your friend, so use them. Just do so in the right way! 

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