Contribution of Mega Game in Online Much High

Mega games are games played in large numbers with teams that are loosely affiliated. Ideally, a mega game should have a lot of time for team communication, but it should not shorten the time for individual players. If a team is composed of five people, they might need extra time to catch up with each other between turns.

Turn-based strategy games

A turn-based strategy game involves the player building an empire that will withstand the ravages of time. This genre harkens back to the board games played in the Stone Age, but it uses modern technology to make the experience more realistic. These games are ideal for anyone interested in strategy and weighing up all their options.

The game was first released in 1995, and features a wide variety of classes. Players create combat units and move them around the map, managing resources, and battling other players. This game has a highly involved fan base that is vocal and enthusiastic about the genre.

Special events

Special Events are periodic events that give players bonuses and temporarily alter the game mechanics. They are similar to Seasonal Events, but are usually less than a month long and may only last for a week or two. Special Events still count towards the player’s Daily Bonus Progress, so they are listed here for easy reference.

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