Concrete compaction- The Three Types of Vibrators

Manually mixing cement and getting the proper pour is not a walk in the park for any contractor. A vibrator becomes an integral part of the process for large-scale concrete production.

This article will help make informed decisions when one wants to acquire one.

The neck-to-neck competition in the building and construction industry has driven many to be in dire need of a vibrator that will make concrete application easy. How do you, therefore, stay on top of the game? You need to have the best machine for the job.

Below are some of the different models in the market.

The workload

The amount of concrete you need to produce should directly influence your choice of a vibrator. External surfaces such as pavements and thin slabs require an easy-to-manipulate device with a short handle. Also, the price of the vibrator should not surpass the amount invested in the project. It is essential to get value for your money and time by working on a project which will be worth the effort by comparing poker shaft price in Kenya.

The size of the vibrator.

Every vibrator is designated for a specific amount of concrete to be vibrated and the structures to work on. The need to deliver the work will depend on the device’s horsepower. Therefore, it is prudent to rate the vibrator to the time to execute the client’s assignment. Large-scale projects such as road constructions require heavy-based vibrators that can compact large volumes of concrete quickly, hence the need to use a long cord vibrator.

Type of Vibrator

The question of purchasing an external or an internal concrete vibrator comes to play since both can execute the job. Internal vibrators are very popular because one person can operate them. On the other hand, an external vibrator is beneficial in congested and tunnel sites.


This factor should also come into play when fishing for a compacting device. Depending on the timeline given, it will be advisable to go for the one that vibrates at high speed hence churning out large volumes of concrete. If you need a faster output, you may choose a vibrator with a big head because several vibrations per minute yield a considerable amount of the mixture. Essentially, big construction sites should buy vibrators with immense horsepower to deliver the work given on time.

Power source

It is important to note that these vibrators have different power sources. Some use fuel; others use electricity during a given number of runs on battery energy. The availability should inform one’s choice of power source. However, the fuel-based vibrator is preferred by most contractors since it can be used in remote areas where electricity is a luxury.


The decision to purchase a given device solely lies in the hands of the buyer. One must consider the funds available before embarking on the purchasing mission – the backstops with the buyer since they have the final say.


This feature has elaborated the nitty-gritties of buying an electric poker for concrete. It is an eye-opener for those who yearn to own one.

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