Competitive exam coaching: tips for teachers 

Other than teaching in schools and colleges, many people are eligible and intelligent for give coaching for competitive exams. Every year thousands of students appear for different entrances and competitive exams. These exams have a vast syllabus and a certain complexity level too. For effective studies, many students join competitive exam coaching centers or also hire a private tutor. Let us discuss some tips that one can follow to give effective competitive exam coaching to students in both ways. 

Tips to become an effective competitive exam teacher 

1. Give online classes to students

Reaching the coaching centers sometimes becomes hectic for students. The traffic issues and time constraints are the reasons behind this. Also, some students do part-time jobs and other work, and because of this, the coaching time doesn’t match them. To overcome all these problems, online teaching is the savior. 

This offers great flexibility, convenience, and comfort to the students. From their preferred places they can connect to the teachers virtually. For becoming an effective competitive exam teacher, you should consider giving online classes. You can create your online course and later look for the best platform to sell courses online(learn how to create an online course here). Include a good number of classes, mock tests, study material, and other facilities in your online course. 

2. Design your study material

In competitive exams, the syllabus is quite vast. Also, quantitative aptitude, qualitative analysis, and general knowledge become difficult for students to learn and understand. They keep on juggling and struggling from one guide to another. There is no standard single study material that they can use. Forgiving effective coaching to your students, you must design your study material.

 Have good content to read and understand, also don’t forget to include practice questions and sample papers in your study material too. Prepare the hard copies and soft copies. This will make learning systematic and easy to approach. To get more students and enhance your business, you can also think about the best platform for selling online courses(learn how to sell online courses here), you can also create your website in this regard. 

3. Keep encouraging students

Competitive exams bring along a lot of stress for students. When they face understanding issues or are not able to get accurate answers to the questions, they feel more stressed. Also, many students do overthink, have self-doubt, and compare. This affects their health and learning capacity. In such times, they need support and guidance from their teachers

 Provide students with  a proper academic understanding and be supportive.  Keep encouraging them to try more, give their best, and not worry about anything else. You should have motivational talks and discussions regarding how students can enhance their studies. The emotional support and advice received will be very beneficial for students. 

4. Provide them a proper academic understanding

To crack the competitive exams with good scores and ranks, having a proper understanding of all concepts is very important. An effective competitive exam teacher must make sure that students have a proper understanding of the whole syllabus. Maths is generally the toughest one for students. Start with the basics, and make students solve the questions as much as possible. Have revision classes and doubt resolution too. Tell students to feel comfortable and free for asking doubts and queries. Be a helping hand to them.

5. Conduct mock tests 

Effective competitive exam preparation is not limited to teaching and learning. Checking how much students understood is equally important. In this bhojpurihub regard, teachers must conduct mock tests. After completing a bunch of lessons, plan for a test. This will help you to check what is the current learning status of the students and what more needs to be done for their improvement. Also, once done with the whole exam syllabus, you should plan for a mock test series. By solving these papers, students will also get an idea about how exams are designed, what is the pattern, the marking scheme, and more. Their time management skills and confidence will also be boosted. 


To get admission in the desired riley reid and rudy gobert marriage higher learning courses or to get recruited for the best job positions many students prepare for competitive exams. These exams are difficult and therefore many students take coaching to get a proper understanding of the syllabus. By following the above-mentioned tips, one can become an effective competitive exam teacher. This will contribute to the success of students and the educators too nobkin.

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