Certina and Tissot – Swiss functionality and elegance

Wearing a watch is a great way to express your tastes, and the device itself is a tasteful accessory that complements any style. When choosing a watch, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. In this case, the highest quality of the watch must be taken into account, as well as functional considerations, letting the visual form take a back seat. Which company is worth betting on if you want to be sure that the watch you choose will become an investment for many years?

Swiss watches – are they worth investing in?

As is widely known, fashion changes and solutions that once seemed extremely desirable are now becoming a thing of the past. This trend is different, however, when it comes to Swiss watches. For many years now, Swiss manufacture has been a veritable synonym for top quality, first-class materials, as well as functionality and timeless design. It is these qualities that have ensured that Swiss Made watches boast an everlasting interest among customers.

Certina watches, a timeless addition to your wardrobe

Since joining the world-famous Swiss watchmaking industry 130 years ago, Certina has always pioneered reliable and robust craftsmanship. Today, the brand creates sporty, chic and modern watches for ladies and gentlemen. Certina watches are products of the highest quality, driven by precision movements. Since 2017, every Certina watch with a quartz movement has a COSC-certified chronometer precision. And models with Precidrive calibre (chronographs and quartz models with three hands) are equipped with an EOL indicator that indicates when the battery is running out.

Certina offers top-quality quartz and automatic men and women watches. The company is particularly loved by customers who appreciate timeless and functional watches. The brand has created four large collections so that everyone can express their own personality, emphasise their style or ultimately find their perfect watch.

Certina watches are the answer to the needs of those who appreciate an active lifestyle. The brand offers a wide range of timepieces, characterised by their durability and resistance to damage, so that they can successfully accompany you during sports activities.
The Certina range includes both classic models with a traditional timekeeping mechanism and more modern ones. What distinguishes them is, above all, their elegant form, making the watch a tasteful addition to any outfit, giving it a feeling of luxury.

Luxury on the wrist – Tissot watches

Tissot has a long history in the watchmaking industry. It was one of the first iconic Swiss watch brands on the market. Over the decades, Tissot has become a well-known brand and the watches are treasured by many dedicated collectors. Tissot creates both ladies’ watches and men’s watches. The large selection of collections provides a wide range of designs, so any aficionado or collector will be able to find their dream model that perfectly suits their style. Tissot watches range from extremely rugged, technical timepieces to stunning, sparkling ladies’ evening watches set with diamonds.

To maintain its status as a high-end watch brand, Tissot must constantly seek out the best materials and mechanisms. With its various collections, the brand strives to prove that it can fit in with all tastes and is suitable for every lifestyle. Tissot has experimented with ceramic, titanium and even gold in its watch designs. Offering the most luxurious options, the brand maintains its status as a high-end manufacturer.

Swiss watches, or unmistakable style at its best

When you choose Tissot watches, you are choosing the highest quality workmanship combined with tasteful form and unique character. With a wide range of elegant luxury mens watches, everyone will find something that best reflects their own unique style. Precise workmanship, attention to every detail, the right combination of colours, textures and materials. All this guarantees a unique style.

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