Buying a Bone Saw Machine, Factors to Consider

A bone saw device is essential to work equipment for the meat business. Without it, people would still accomplish their work but less efficiently and in fatigue.

This article focuses on what you should consider when buying a bone saw device in Kenya.

A butchery business is one of the most common businesses established in Kenya over the years. Due to the popularity of the meat business, there is a need to advance the equipment used in butcheries.

Thanks to technology, which has enabled the design of digital machines that ease the work in butcheries. A bone saw device is a piece of must-have equipment for every butchery today. However, to make a perfect choice of a bone saw machine, it is necessary to have adequate information before going for one.

Without further ado, here we go down a list of essential aspects of the bone saw machine you ought to know should you purchase one in Kenya, as well as their impact on its price in Kenya.


When buying a bone saw machine, it is good to have some technical know-how regarding the device type you are purchasing. The basic types of bone saw machines are manual and electric operation. The manual operation machine is less pricey than the electric one and operates manually with a working mechanism as that one of a guillotine.

The electric machine operates at a voltage and does most of the work for the butcher. The butcher only passes the bony meat through the cutting blade and a few adjustments to get the desired thickness with the utmost safety.

From left: manual operation bone saw machine, electric bone saw machine.


These machines come in different sizes to suit the diverse needs of different sizes of enterprises. Bigger machines may handle large pieces of meat with thicker or more bone than smaller ones as such big bone saw devices are applicable in large meat businesses that deal with bulks of meat as it is more economical than the small ones in the same setting.


Large bone saw machines are more powerful since they are equipped with larger engines than small ones. This makes them suitable for large meat businesses. When it comes to manual operation machines, their power is solely dependent on the operator’s strength.


The higher the machine’s dimensions, the more significant it’s surface area and the more enormous the space it requires for its installation. Therefore, small bone saw machines are the only way out for small meat businesses whereas large enterprises do not so much into space. Since they only require big and powerful machines, space is not a concern but power.


It is essential to know before acquiring a bone saw machine for your enterprise. The bone saw machine price in Kenya is affected by the above factors. The higher the specs you go for, that is, large dimensions, high power, and operation type of the machine, the expensive it gets.


Indeed, you will never get lost when choosing the best fit machine for your business with that critical information.

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