Blackjack Strategy Guide: Top Tips to Win in Blackjack

Black Jack, a famous card game, traditionally played with 1-8 decks, stands out for players around the world because it is perhaps the only card game in the world where a player can gain a statistical advantage over the house.

It’s still considered to be a game of luck, but fortunately for you, there are certain strategies that you can apply to your gameplay that will put you at an advantage over the casino.

Here are some of our favorite tips to help you win at this gamblers-favorite game:

Never play without a basic playing strategy

The first and most important rule is to never enter the game without a basic game strategy. Blackjack has been the subject of study by recognized mathematicians around the world for years, and all of them can agree on a single conclusion, which is that for every hand you are dealt, there is an ideal way to play it. As the objective of the game itself is to basically fight with the house edge, this game strategy can lower the edge to only 1%. The strategy used will depend on the rules that you are up against.

Insurance is a bad bet

Regardless of the amount of money you are betting, the Insurance bet is a bad option. If we look at the fact that only 4 out of 13 possible cards in real money blackjack games give the dealer a blackjack under the ace and the fact that the payout for this bet is 2:1, you will agree that the odds for the payout are less than 2:1. Even if it happens that you have blackjack in that situation and the dealer offers you equal money, it would be best to refuse that offer. The only exception to this strategy is in certain situations for experienced players who are skilled at counting cards, but as a beginner or average blackjack player who wants to try his luck and make a decent profit, it is best to avoid this bet at all costs.

Progressive strategies are a no

Well-known gambling strategies such as the Martingale strategy and the Fibonacci method, which are based on increasing or decreasing each subsequent bet based on whether the previous bet was won or lost, have not performed well in blackjack. Even though the favorite of players for many other card games, in blackjack these strategies generally lead to a quick loss of money. Instead, focus on wagering more only when you notice that there are more cards with higher value in decks that haven’t been played yet. It should only take some beginner-level card counting to take notice of this.

Split Aces and Eights

Regardless of the dealer’s possible advantage, it is always a smart move to separate your eights and aces. Most players are too afraid to split their rights when the dealer’s card is a 9, 10 or Ace, thinking that it puts them in an ungrateful position and thus further aggravates the situation by wagering more by splitting eights, but what actually happens is that you are at a greater advantage playing 2 hands starting with 8 than playing 1 hand of 16, especially in the long run. With aces, on the other hand, this move allows for large potential gains for the player.

Don’t split 10s or a pair of 5s

With a pair of fives in hand, the best option is to play it like a ten. While two fives can result in two 15s, playing a pair as a hard 10 can result in a 20 when you are hit. And while, on the other hand, splitting tens is often a winning combination, even better results are obtained by playing with a pair of tens as 20 no matter the circumstances.

Avoid playing 6:5 Blackjack games

Traditionally a blackjack hand has always had a payout of 3:2 but in recent years an increasing number of casinos, especially the ones operating online have started to offer a 6:5 payout resulting in an increased house edge by almost 1.5% for single-deck games and over 2% for multi-deck games. Your best chance of a decent payout is seeking a casino that offers the 3:2 payout.

Pick a table that gives you the option to double down

Another great way to reduce the house edge is to double down on any 2 cards. While most casinos allow this option exclusively with 10 or 11, there are also casinos where it is possible to double down on any 2 cards of your choice. If you choose the cards wisely depending on the situation you are in, with this move, you can significantly stretch your budget and increase your winnings.

Set strict limits for yourself

When you have chosen a casino that suits you and familiarize yourself with the rules of the game, one more important step before you start the game itself is to determine the strict amount of money you will play with as well as the amount you are ready to lose if the worst happens. If the game does not go according to plan and you reach your limits, you mustn’t try desperately to get your money back. Step back, rest, think about what you could have done differently, and come back next time more prepared and with a better strategy.

Practice before you play for real

Many sites will offer the option of playing for free either for practice or pure fun of the game. Before you make a financial commitment to an actual casino, try some of your preferred strategies for free to see how foolproof they are.

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