Best winter holiday countries in Europe

Several cities in Europe are packed full of tourists during summer, however, a tourist who wants to avoid these large crowds can go on vacation during winter. There are certain countries in Europe that offer the ideal winter getaway, they include:

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Czech Republic

Czech Republic has several historic and medieval buildings, but there are also ancient streets designated as UNESCO heritage sites. These buildings offer a better photo op during winter when they are covered in snow, moreover, at this time of the year, the crowds are smaller and photo opportunities are better. Another reason why you should visit Czech Republic during winter is that it is the best time to try Czech food. Czech dishes make heavy use of meat in stew substantially. These foods are best enjoyed during winter. Moreover, accommodation is cheaper during winter. Finally, Czech wines are more abundant during winter than any other time of the year, this is why you should consider visiting Czech Republic during the winter season. Visit here liangzhongmiye online best website.


France is a beautiful country and is one of the most sought after countries by tourists all year round. However, there are specific reasons why you should visit France during winter. In France, airfares are lower during the winter, which means that it is cheaper to visit during winter. Moreover, accommodation is generally cheaper in France during winter. Another reason why you should consider holidaying in France during winter is that it is the best season for French food and cuisine. Skiing enthusiasts would love the fact that France offers a lot of skiing opportunities during winter.

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Croatia is also a great holiday destination during the winter season. One of the reasons why it is advisable to holiday in Croatia during winter is that it provides a great avenue to participate in winter sports. These sports include skiing, snowboarding among others. Moreover, winter is the best season of the year to sample some of Croatia’s best wines, among which includes the Istrian Rakija. Winter is also the best season of the year to visit the Krka National Park. Opened, all year round, the Krka National Park takes on an amazing look during the winter season. Furthermore, Winter is also the time when people from other countries come to buy properties in Croatia. It is because there are less crowds and you can be assured that the future home you are buying is winter proof.


The Netherlands is one of the best winter holiday destinations in Europe. This is particularly because of Amsterdam, the country’s capital city. Amsterdam has a great look when it is covered in snow flakes during winter. This is an experience that you cannot forget. Moreover, during winter, you can ice skate on the frozen canal which is a thrilling activity. There are also certain foods in the Netherlands that can only be enjoyed once a year, one of them is Oliebollen. These are the reasons why you should holiday in the Netherlands during winter.

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Austria is a beautiful country all year round, but it has a special and unique look during winter that makes it an ideal winter holiday destination. Winter is the best time to visit Hallstatt, a tiny lakeside village and a UNESCO heritage site. It has a glorious and memorable look during winter. Moreover, there are several winter sports that one can enjoy in Austria while on holiday.

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