Benefits of using wooden badges for your company promotion

Here are five compelling arguments in favor of using wooden badges in your upcoming events and communication campaigns:

Are you putting together a communication drive or an event that is committed to being environmentally responsible?

Discover the Gifts for Change wooden badge, a communication object that is both sustainably designed and extremely reasonably priced! 

These badges, which are gender neutral and offer a high level of personalization options, are an absolute must for your organizational high points, communication endeavors, and professional gatherings (trade fairs, seminars, etc.).

01 An environmentally responsible alternative to the plastic badge is the wooden badge.

Choose pins or badges made of wood to set yourself apart from the competition and draw attention to your dedication at each of your events.

You will not only be setting an example for others in the business to follow by eliminating plastic badges, but you will also motivate them to follow a path that is responsible and committed.

This gorgeous eco-friendly product is produced in France out of wood sourced from forests that are managed in a sustainable manner. It has a responsible dimension, which is in keeping with your beliefs, because its composition shows consideration for the environment throughout the entirety of the manufacturing process.

Your wooden pins badge is a distinguishing feature that will be noticeable both during and after your event, as you are likely already aware. Indeed, this accessory will be captured on both the images and films taken during your event, ensuring its continued presence in your guests’ minds for some time to come. Because it is both resilient and ingenious, it may be recycled for use at multiple events.

02 – A rallying item steeped in symbolism

The badge, which serves as a true accessory and can be worn on clothing or carried in luggage, is the perfect media object with which to demonstrate your dedication. The wooden badge is exhibited fashionably, just like the brooches that are worn to enhance an ensemble, and this applies to both men and women.

Each individual industry can be represented on the emblem, such as the music industry with images of record companies or musicians, the entertainment industry, the cultural sector, etc. There is no limit to the possibilities. In the world of sports, the use of wooden emblems can also be considered strategic. The badge gives you a feeling of community and a sense of belonging at the same time, and it enables you to demonstrate your support for your favorite teams while maintaining your sense of personal flair.

Badges are another option for publically displaying activist commitments. Draw inspiration from other people’s creations, and make your own version of the committed badge. At this time, pride is being shown, which makes the discussion open and rich!

03 – Something that can be used for long-term communication (like your commitments)

These badges are trendy in design and give a great deal of room for personalisation, particularly thanks to the recyclable paper card that comes with them, on which you may write all of your thoughts.


The wooden badge is extremely long-lasting. By utilizing wood in your products, you favorably differentiate yourself from your rivals while also making your commitments more obvious to your customers. 

It is an exterior sign that is not only clear and legible, but also an indication of exceptional quality and the environmental activities that you have taken. In other words, it is evidence that you have perfected your message through the thing from beginning to end, as well as a means of showing your dedication to the environment.

Allow yourself to be enticed by the extremely low cost of this relatively small thing that possesses a significant amount of potential for communication.

04 – An accessory with a variety of uses and a high degree of personalizability

A wood pins badge is the ultimate object for serving several purposes, making it an excellent choice for all of your upcoming events.

On the inside, it is excellent for storing a recollection of your most memorable moments. The emblem, which is available in a nominative version, enables you to establish teams, provide an individualized rallying sign, and forge connections with your workforce.

This badge gives you the ability to show off your brand in events that are open to the public, to pose a challenge, and to generate conversation about your commitments. 

Events such as conferences, team building exercises, large-scale trade fairs, forums, etc. The wooden badge serves as the easy-to-deploy rallying emblem for the group.

  1. The engraved wooden badge, which is considered a premium addition

Make a statement with a media item that is made in France and engraved with your company’s colors to stand out from the crowd.

You have the option of engraving or printing on any of our badges.

They are carefully crafted in the workshops that we partner with, by people who have impairments in the workforce.

If you select the printing option that gives you a wide range of color options, engraving will give your badge a sophisticated and understated look that is ultra-premium.

By presenting your most important key messages on the recycled paper card that is included with the engraved wooden badge, which is your best ally in increasing your visibility, you may raise the profile of your organization.

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