Benefits Of Getting Commercial Auto Insurance

If you or your workers use a car to get to and from work, client meetings, deliver products, or transport tools and supplies, then you need commercial auto insurance. This covers both freelancers and business owners. However, if you drive to work regularly, your company must provide insurance coverage for your vehicle regardless of who owns the automobile.

Commercial auto insurance Lake charles, LA is a different policy from personal auto insurance, yet the two policies are sometimes packaged together to save money. In some cases, you can even save money by bundling it with other policies, such as general liability and commercial property insurance, for your company.

Which Businesses Actually Require Commercial Auto Insurance?

If you only sometimes use your car for work, your personal auto insurance policy might be sufficient. However, you will need commercial coverage if you are self-employed or run a small business and use your automobile for business purposes other than commuting.

If any of the following apply to you, it’s probably time to look into getting a commercial auto insurance Lake Carles:

  • Drive for cash.¬† Personal auto insurance policies will protect you if you drive your friends to a show or pick up lunch for a coworker, but they will not pay out if you transport people or products for a living.
  • Drive a lot for your job, like to the store or the construction site every day.
  • Carry heavy objects, such as tools and equipment, from one location to another.

Reasons Why You Should Get A Commercial Auto Policy

You may be wondering why it is necessary to have commercial auto insurance if you are the owner of a company. Isn’t it sufficient to have standard auto insurance for your company’s needs? Advantages that are exclusive to commercial auto insurance Lake Charles are provided just to companies. Your business will be protected with commercial auto insurance regardless of who is behind the wheel.

  • Get Higher Limits

Every time you or an employee gets behind the wheel, there’s a chance of an accident. Accidents involving company vehicles may result in legal action. Medical costs, lost wages, and attorneys’ fees can easily put you in six figures. A personal auto insurance policy may have limits that aren’t high enough to cover this sum. Fortunately, the liability limits of commercial auto insurance policies are significantly larger, and these policies typically cover all of your company’s vehicles.

  • Safeguard Company Tools & Equipment

Numerous company operators stock their vehicles with office supplies and gadgets. The tools, which range from hydraulic lifts to culinary equipment, facilitate your work. If you have business vehicle insurance, your insurer will help pay to replace the damaged equipment. Unfortunately, a person’s motor insurance typically does not cover business tools and equipment.

  • Safeguard Company Vehicle Drivers

The role of a business owner involves juggling various responsibilities. Daily, you have the support of many people who depend on you. Unfortunately, no matter how much you’d like, you cannot be in two places at once. Employees can step in admirably as your stand-in when it comes to keeping the firm afloat. Since this is the case, they may need to use the corporate cars for work purposes.

Commercial auto insurance Lake Charles might be helpful if employees are injured while driving for business. You have to give them the keys, and they’ll go to work. Your company will be protected from litigation brought by injured parties thanks to your auto insurance.

  • Comply with Your Fleet Lease’s Specifications

Novated leasing companies typically necessitate that firms carry commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance can help safeguard their financial interests if an accident occurs. It will reduce the likelihood that they would suffer a financial loss in the event of property damage to the company.


Having commercial auto insurance shields you against a multitude of potential dangers. The temptation to use personal auto insurance for company vehicles can come from a need to keep prices down. But resist the urge to give in. Having commercial auto insurance protects your business in many different ways.

We’re pleased to provide you with a selection of commercial auto insurance quick quotes to choose from. For assistance with commercial auto insurance in Lake Charles, please contact us now at 337-656-2890.

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