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Blackstone is a very popular brand that many people choose due to the kind of products they offer. One main reason why most people love the products from Blackstone is the convenience to use. Their products are used for quick and delicious food preparation. Cooking outdoors with Blackstone products can enhance family bonding. In fact, by choosing their products, people can save time on cooking and spend more time with their loved ones.

Most of their products do not require much maintenance. In fact, they are easy to clean. Most people spend a lot of time cleaning after cooking. However, by choosing the products of Blackstone, this won’t be a problem for you.

Users will get a chance to try new cooking ideas by having a Blackstone griddle. The majority of their customers are satisfied with their products. Their engineers always strive to create the best products by looking at the requirements of their clients.

The products from this brand can be purchased from different stores. But some stores may not offer genuine products. People who buy such products end up wasting their money.

To avoid buying fake products, it is important to choose a trustworthy seller like BBQs 2u. BBQs 2u is the home of many brands. You can find products from some popular brands like Ooni Pizza, Kamado Joe, etc. BBQs 2u regularly announces some great offers to their clients.

The Blackstone 28″ Griddle With AirFryer is a great choice for people who believe in healthy eating. This air fryer makes food healthier as there will be no contact with the direct flames. This is excellent in quality. The cooktop is thick. This product comes with a user manual which makes it easier to use.

Users don’t require separate propane for griddles and air fryers. In fact, one propane can do the job. In fact, single propane can be used for heating griddles and air fryers. The strong fans are responsible for moving hot air at the food that is being prepared to create an oven-style environment.

However, strong fans move hot air around the food to create a miniature convection oven-like environment that is necessary for air frying. There is a tonne of cooking options by using an air fryer.

The air fryer may be used to prepare huge varieties of food items, which everybody loves to eat. This product comes with two shelves, one on each side. This 28 inches Blackstone griddle with 2 baskets, the first one is an air fryer basket and the second one is a warming basket. This product has a tray at the bottom. The power switch is easy to operate when it comes to the air fryer. For people who are looking for a portable product compared to the 36 inches griddle with air fryer, the 28 inches griddle with air fryer would be a perfect choice.

BBQs2u regularly posts its videos on YouTube. Watch their videos to know how well their products work. Every product from BBQs 2u is a masterpiece.

Enjoy the most delicious food outdoors with the products from BBQs 2u.

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