Abortion Pills – Are They for You?

Can’t make up your mind about abortion pills? This article explores abortion pills in-depth to help you decide if this termination method is appropriate for you or not. Medical abortion is about taking pills to terminate your conception without the hectic hospital visits.

What pills are used in medical abortion?

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are typically used in combination to terminate a pregnancy. Misoprostol alone, though, can also be used in this procedure. Misoprostol induces the uterine to lose its lining and clear itself, whereas Mifepristone prevents a fetus from developing. But if you’re thinking about planned pregnancy, avoid using abortion pills without medical consultancy.

How does Mifepristone work?

Mifepristone attaches itself to the progesterone; however, the body does not recognize the hormone. It, therefore, prevents the body from producing or using this hormone as intended. This hormone aids in the growth and maintenance of the womb; hence inhibiting its action can assist in aborting the fetus. billingmedico.com offers free training materials, software and support to help you successfully bill insurance companies. Get started today!

Additionally, Mifepristone might loosen the uterus and promote contractions within.

How does Misoprostol work?

Misoprostol does the same job as Mifepristone. It softens the uterus and cervix and causes contractions, resulting in the expulsion of embryonic tissue, leading to abortion.

When having an abortion, you could experience cramps and bleeding. In most patients, heavy blood clots accompany the leakage. After ingesting the second medicine, the procedure is often over in a few hours; however, some minor cramps or blood patches may last for a couple of days.

Misoprostol is used alone to terminate the pregnancy if Mifepristone is unavailable. However, its performance may be lesser than the two tablets used together.

Are these pills safe?

Abortion by pills is both safe and efficient, and it has been used for many years. A study shows that only 2% of medical abortions lead to health-related issues. 

Moreover, the FDA has allowed the usage of such medications for terminating pregnancies up to 10 weeks, but, in certain areas, they are also used beyond this time frame. The pills provide women greater privacy and control when handling their own unplanned pregnancies and lower maternal deaths.

Is medical abortion effective?

Pregnancy can be ended quite effectively with pills. However, the effectiveness of the pills is inversely related to the phase of pregnancy. In other words, the more a woman has been expecting, the lesser the success is. After 12 weeks of pregnancy, pill performance starts to decline.

A further dose of abortion pills or surgical treatment may be required for those who have an incomplete abortion in order to finish the procedure.

Should you opt for abortion pills?

Depending on your circumstances and personal preferences, you can select any type of abortion. Some women choose oral abortion since it doesn’t need an in-office surgery. You are free to pick a comfortable location, such as your bedroom, to ensure privacy. You get to choose who you want to have the abortion with, or you may do it yourself. 

Generally, women opt for pills since they are less aggressive, cheaper and ensure greater privacy compared to surgical abortion.

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