A Guide to Future Market in 2023

To benefit from buying a futures contract, traders need to believe that the commodity’s price will climb above the contract value at expiry. Beware, though, since certain nations periodically attempt to affect commodity prices. In future & options trading long position is successfully closed before the expiration date when a purchase deal, or the long position, is countered by a sell trade for the exact number at the present market price.

Which Products Are Used in Trading of Futures?

Gas and oil futures are the most widely traded energy products. Wheat, meat, and sugar are the three main food futures. Metal commodities including copper, silver, and gold are employed in futures trading. Futures contracts are used by traders of energy, food, and metals to fix the price of the product they wish to purchase.

Hedging with futures

Hedgers utilise futures to effectively wager on the direction of the fundamental asset’s price. Instead of speculating, the goal of hedging is to prevent losses from negative changes in price movements. Companies that engage in hedging frequently produce the underlying asset.

Are futures preferable to options?

It might be difficult to decide if to invest in futures or options. Contrary to popular belief, options contracts and futures contracts are distinct. Futures contracts have conditions that must be met. Contrarily, options allow the contract holder the choice of whether or not to exercise the contract.

Options trading is a new trend that is gaining popularity, and people are embracing it swiftly. Owing to the stay-at-home culture, which includes those who work from home or are afraid of or unable to leave their homes due to the epidemic, some have turned to options trading.

Tips to Trade Futures

If you’re thinking about becoming a hedger or speculator, futures markets are where you should be. On this market, traders can wager on the future direction of a currency, a commodity, or a market index.

There are dangers, of course, but the potential profits are high, largely because of volatility. Let’s talk about the various futures markets and which approaches work well in each before walking through the basics of futures trading.


A commodity is a physical good whose value is primarily determined by supply and demand. Energy-related commodities like crude oil and gas, agricultural products like wheat and corn, and rare metals like silver and gold are a few examples of commodities.

An investment position may be protected or hedged with a commodity futures contract, and you can also place a wager on whether you believe the price of the commodity will climb or fall in the future. Access to commodity futures is mostly provided by specialised brokerage firms known as Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs).


Trading currency pairings to profit from fluctuating foreign exchange prices is referred to as currency trading, often known as FX trading. Traders frequently employ a scalping approach for this market.

The objective of this technique is to generate short-term profits from small changes in a currency’s value. If this is done frequently enough, the gains will eventually build up to a sizable sum.

Generally speaking, you may have a very small time frame—just one minute—or you could have a few days. You must exercise extreme self-control if you want to succeed with a scalping approach.


Index futures, such as the S&P 500 index futures contract, are a different popular subcategory of futures. However, a separate multiple might be used to estimate the value of each futures product.

Carrying the entire index in a single contract and offering more leverage than an ETF—even with the top ETF brokers—index futures are a useful option to deploy a passive indexed approach.

What Trading Techniques for Futures Are There?

Taking long networthexposed positions and taking short positions are two common futures trading techniques. the price pullback-based pullback technique.

Trading the range, also known as breakout trading, is one of the most well-liked methods used by day traders. Trading the range refers to trading the rebound off significant resistance and support levels on a chart. Catching the volatility that occurs when the price exits trend lines, technical indicators, channels, and other technical levels is the aim of this strategy.


Trading futures holds good prospects in this financial year. You can use the characteristics of this derivative to your advantage. Many financial services firms also provide futures trading tips and recommendations to assist investors. Expert advice is available online on the demat apps themselves. Kotak Securities, for instance, offers trading suggestions, analysis reports and market data on its Stock Trader App.  Modern and sophisticated charts and indicators are also present. Using the unique and powerful tools of the platform you can easily trade the futures market.

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