A Couple Of Things To Know About The Locum Tenens Industry

Locum tenens is attracting the interest of an increasing number of physicians, and the practice has many advantages that are beneficial to both patients and physicians.

In the event that a full-time physician is unable to work due to illness or other circumstances, a hospital or private practice may hire a locum tenens physician to fill in for them. For instance, a locum tenens may provide coverage for a physician who is absent due to family obligations or maternity leave, or they may work as a temporary employee for a medical facility or private practice that is short-staffed.

The practice of locum tenens is gaining popularity. According to a recent data study published by Doximity, there has been a significant rise in the amount of interest shown by physicians in the United States in locum tenens job prospects.

There are a variety of reasons why doctors are drawn to the role of locum tenens, but the following are five wonderful advantages of working as a locum tenens:

Enjoy more flexibility

It is common for locum tenens jobs to come with a great deal of latitude and adaptability, which is a significant advantage for medical doctors and other types of advanced practice clinicians.

In most cases, doctors locate work possibilities through the use of locum staffing agencies, where they also have the freedom to select the assignments they wish to do. When determining which roles offer the most favorable match, it is possible to take into account factors such as the location, timetable, and number of patients. Read more on this link https://www.ahrq.gov/prevention/clinician/ahrq-works/burnout/.

Learn new abilities

Locum tenens providers gain experience that they would not be able to obtain if they remained in one location since they have the ability to work in a variety of settings, observe how other teams function, and participate in the execution of innovative procedures.

Such exposure not only enables physicians, nurse practitioners, as well as physician assistants to basically “snoop about” other locations and practices prior to making a commitment, but it also enhances their resumes and makes them more attractive to potential employers in the future.

Make more money

It’s common practice to pay locum tenens doctors and other medical professionals a greater hourly wage than permanent hospital employees. In addition, increasing one’s salary is the primary motivation for most physicians who opt to work as locum tenens.

Locum tenens work can assist in the reduction or elimination of student loan debt for newly graduated medical professionals. Mid-career? Make use of your free time to bring in some additional revenue. And if you’re getting close to retirement, locum tenens gives you the opportunity to continue making money while keeping your skills current, all while working at a more relaxed pace. Click here to find out more.


One of the major advantages of working as a locum tenens is indeed the lifestyle that gives you the opportunity to travel to other regions of the country. This is something that is particularly appealing to trainees and physicians who are just beginning their careers.

This is an excellent choice for you if you enjoy seeing new parts of the country and participating in a variety of activities, both cultural and recreational, but make sure not to overlook the license requirements. Because the state in where you will be working requires that you have a license to practice medicine there, you will need to make preparations in advance and ensure that you have all you require to be able to take a job there.

A healthy balance between work and personal life

Physicians have the chance to take control of their work schedules, pay, and vacation time when they use the locum tenens model. As a result of the fact that many locum providers do not work full time but rather spend a few weeks or months at a site before taking some time off, it is relatively simple for them to strike the elusive balance between their professional and personal lives.

If you are considering taking a vacation from your full-time employment or are looking for a career that offers more freedom, excitement, and exposure to new people, the locum tenens industry may be the answer you need.

As a locums provider, you won’t just continue to be involved in your work, but you’ll also be more likely to stay engrossed in your professional life without feeling overworked or burned out.

A higher compensation

Although there is some variation in pay, on average, the hourly rate that locum tenens physicians receive is greater than that which their full-time counterparts receive. The average amount of student medical debt can be as high as $196,520. As a result of the additional earning potential that locums employment provides, many physicians have discovered that it helps them pay off their student medical debt more rapidly.

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