6 Ultimate Ideas for a Memorial Slideshow with Songs You Love

When a loved one passes away, it may be difficult for those left behind to deal with the loss. However, in the time of grief, a memorial slideshow can help you remember the happy times and ease the sorrow. Family pictures are generally the foundation of a funeral or memorial service slideshow, but you may add text and Music to make it more memorable.

However, a funeral slideshow requires special consideration. You can’t just throw together any old photos or videos. Every detail, from the length of time a slideshow to the type of Music played in the background, makes a difference. Read on to learn how to create a beautiful memorial slideshow that truly honors your loved one.    

6 Ideas for a Memorial Slideshow

Here are some suggestions for making a slideshow at a funeral that people will remember forever:

1. Choose the Content Carefully

The most critical consideration should be given to the images you choose to include in the slideshow. The collage should be of superior quality and contain no more than 30 to 40 pictures at most. It is best to have family shots from all different eras.

The slideshow may also include only one or two professionally shot films, each of which should be under a minute in length. The ideal running time for a tribute video is between three and seven minutes. Overall, a memorial slideshow should be brief yet meaningful.

2. Consider File Format

Make sure the playing device supports common file types such as MP4, MP3, MOV, etc., before putting together a memorial slideshow. If you’re doing this on your own, stick to the most widely used file types such as MP3 for audio and JPG for photos to avoid compatibility issues when playing the memorial slideshow.

3. Hire a Picture Scanning Service

Making a fitting memorial slideshow can be difficult, so asking for help is expected. Get in touch with professionals who can complete the task for a reasonable charge if that’s the case.

Opt for a reliable picture scanning service to ensure you have high-quality images to include in the slideshow. If your photographs are already in digital format, you can use photo retouching services to improve and customize the photographs.

4. Give Extra thought to the Music

Selecting Music for funeral slideshows requires a great deal of solemnity and deliberation. You must consider your personal feelings about the deceased, the deceased’s musical preferences, favorite songs, and the overall tone you wish to create. Here are some tips to follow when selecting an appropriate funeral song:

  • Think About The Departed Person’s Outlook On Life: Did they enjoy opulence? Were they a traditionalist? You want the Music you play at the funeral to be able to convey the personality of the departed and answer those questions.
  • Consider Your Relationship: Are you creating a memorial slideshow for a parent, significant other, friend, or someone else? Choose an appropriate song that should be easily understood and expressive of your emotions and relationship.
  • Don’t Forget About Your Audience: When they say “guests,” do they mean older folks or younger people? Is it a small, intimate gathering, or is everyone invited? If you know the audience, you’ll quickly land on the right musical subgenre.
  • Preserve a Consistent Tone Throughout the Slideshow: Try to limit your playlist to no more than two songs. A song or two will do just fine. Don’t lose your listeners’ attention by switching themes every few slides.

5. Choose the Right Tools

The internet is stocked with resources to assist you in making a memorable memorial slideshow. Look for a tool that is easy to use, efficient, and compatible with any device. Using an app or software that allows you to create your presentation and add the Music simultaneously is ideal.

Many apps come with hundreds of musical tracks, covering a wide range of styles and emotions. Others allow you to add Music of your own choice. Choose whatever works better for you. 

6. Consider Video Distribution Options

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to attend the memorial. This makes it essential to determine how the video will be distributed to people who can’t attend. You can send a slideshow to loved ones through CDs or flash drives. Where this won’t do, distribute the funeral slideshow using digital links like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

The Bottom Line

Planning a funeral or memorial ceremony can be strenuous. However, making a slideshow tribute to a recently departed person’s life with touching songs is an excellent way to honor the memories of the good times.

Think back to the tunes you sang or listened to when they were young or consider including their modern favorites. Put forth as much effort as possible to make the occasion special. We pray that you find comfort and the courage to carry on.

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