6 Simple Tips for Making a Yard Sign

Are you wondering how to create an effective and attractive yard sign? Well, then you have come to the right place as we are going to share with you some tried and tested tips that will help you make eye-catching lawn signages.

Planning is very important

You must spend some time planning the content of the signs. A piece of paper and a pen is enough to sort out all the things you need to put up on them. Decide the objective of the sign, whether or not to include contact details, what images or logo you want to use, and if you want to add anything extra (for example, your brand’s tagline, etc.)

Deciding the headline

Based on what you have just planned, create a headline. The headline on a yard sign will be the biggest visible text. It will probably be the only thing that the passersby will notice. So, think and try to find out the most crucial thing you want to share with the public. Some of the common headlines we see in our everyday life are –


Sketch the whole design

Once you have picked your headline, sketch the whole design on a piece of paper. Begin by drafting the headline using a large font size. Then add all the things you initially planned to include, like your contact details, logo, or tagline. This sketch will guide the yard sign printing company to understand how you have actually envisioned the signage. But remember to keep everything simple. The easier to read, the better for the people!

Don’t forget! A yard sign has two sides

When you have two sides at your disposal, you must take advantage of that. So while laying out the design, keep in mind both the front and the back can be used. Likewise, creating the layout using the available space will help you spread out and arrange the information you want to print on these signs.

Decide between professional and DIY

Depending on the objective of your lawn signage, you may opt to buy some signs from a nearby supermarket and write on them with a permanent marker. It’s acceptable for yard sales and personal projects.

But for any sort of business communication, it’s definitely best to order something that will reflect your brand’s professionalism. As an advertising tool, yard signs are inexpensive, and they make a good impression about your business in the minds of your target customers.

Finally, check whether it is readable from a distance

Now that you have finalized everything, before you give the design for printing or make it yourself, check the readability of the whole thing. The things you need to notice are whether –

  • the font size is visible from a distance
  • the color combination is vibrant enough to catch people’s attention
  • some visual images can be used instead of words


Well, that’s all! While making or ordering the yard signs, if you can keep these few tips in mind, you will be benefitted immensely.

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