5 Ways Two-Way SMS Can Help Improve Your Business

Two-way SMS is one of the most flexible marketing tools that business use. While not as flashy or immediately noticeable, it can send many messages that are impossible to deliver by other means. Text marketing lets businesses communicate in real time with their customers, clients, and prospects. Businesses can collect product and service feedback through polls, surveys, and questionnaires.

Additionally, they can promote customer loyalty programs through reminders about what the customer earns for each dollar spent at the store. Businesses can also cross-sell other products and services with relevant information delivered to the customer’s mobile device. Customers can contact the business directly by texting their questions or concern and get an immediate response. The article below provides you with five ways two-way SMS can help your business grow:

1. Enriching Customer Experience

The initial exchange between a business and its customer can be the first, second, or even third impression. Although customers may not keep the number or respond to text messages on an ongoing basis, they are still getting to know your business. This is important because it allows time for trust to develop, which in turn helps build brand loyalty. The majority of businesses use two-way SMS as a way to collect feedback from customers. Customers can comment on products and services at no cost by texting their thoughts directly to the business.

Additionally, some promotions allow customers who text their feedback into a contest for a coupon or prize. Engaging your customers will make them feel comfortable doing business with you.

2. Maximizing Sales Conversions

Another way that two-way SMS can help you improve your business is by increasing sales. Text campaigns are an efficient way to distribute coupons, thank customers for their business, and evaluate products and services. You will also provide your customers with information about specials and promotions that are exclusive to them. Another option is using reminders when the customer is approaching a specific target, like spending a certain amount.

It also allows you to convince them that your products or services are worth the price. The customizing of text messages to a specific audience is widely available, with many companies offering SMS content management. This allows you to tailor the message to each customer without having to send all the messages individually. Your message can also be responded to and acknowledged immediately, unlike email, where some customers may skip through your message and not read it.

3. Causing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is vital for any business, and it is easy to achieve with two-way SMS. Customers are likely to remember and engage with a message when it is sent directly by the business they have seen, heard about, or interacted with. The more efficient way to get your brand name out there is by using SMS messages and other marketing systems.

When considering text messaging services for business, consider auto-response options and the ability to create a custom response. The auto-response system is the most cost-effective, sending your message by text to your customer within minutes after they ask you a question. You can customize your message with a custom response by asking them to respond with a certain comment or rating. Instead of sending out a generic reply encouraging potential customers to read more or visit your website, it allows you to personalize the reply. It encourages their interest in learning more about you and your business.

4. Building Your Website Traffic

For some businesses, two-way SMS may be the best communication option with their customers. Texting may be your solution if you are using a lot of time on your website to build traffic. It will help keep customers returning even if they have to pay some amount to send messages. For this reason, you must choose a company that offers you a quality SMS service and one that will help your business grow.

5. Cutting Down on Marketing Costs

Two-way SMS can reduce the costs you spend to advertise on a customer’s mobile device. This is essential for small businesses since they may need access to large marketing budgets. If your marketing budget is low, look into the cost of SMS messages from a company specializing in business messaging. You can ask for an estimate, so your business will know exactly how much it will cost to send out large numbers of text messages through their service.


If you want to incorporate text messaging into your marketing strategy for your business, these are some of the benefits you may receive from it. However, be sure to select the type of service that best suits your needs and budget. That way, you can enjoy the full benefits of your mobile messaging campaign.

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