5 Ways to Influence Kids to Participate in Extra-Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are a vital element that must be added to a kid’s life while growing up. Most kids often overlook it. According to them, it adds more pressure during their growth because they have to focus on studying and comply with the school’s guidelines to complete their given tasks. Though with the passage of time, they do realize the importance of extracurricular activities in their life.

With the introduction of television, electronic games & devices, and contemporary technology, kids usually do not get the opportunity to spend their time on extracurricular activities. They are more likely to enter themselves into the world of electronic devices after school that they don’t see anything apart from them. With all the distractions in front, it becomes hard for parents to persuade their kids to participate in extracurricular activities. 

Extracurricular activities have a wide array of collections to choose from. It helps students to discover themselves to design and use the skills & knowledge that they have gained in different contexts in the future. Before thinking to pick any of the activities, it is better to know what your kid is most interested in. If, in any case, your kid is indifferent when it comes to participating in any extracurricular activities, be it sport, dance, music, singing, etc., these tips will help you to influence kids to participate in extracurricular activities in no time.

1) Find An Activity Where Your Kid’s Interest Lies

Kids are weird when it comes to making choices. You know, one moment they love puzzles, and the next moment, they start to despise them. Though not everyone does that, but all of them have the tendency to do the same. Parents who are trying to influence their kids to participate in extracurricular activities need to comprehend where their kid’s interest lies. Kids can be complicated, but only their parents can understand what they want. If your kid is interested in dancing, enroll them in dancing activities. Similarly, if they like to sing, enlist them in singing activities, etc. There are myriad options available to choose from, don’t limit the choice but widen the horizon.

2) Make Sure That They Try Whatever You Plan For Them

As compared to adults, kids often lose interest no matter how much they love any activity initially. If you find your kid in the same category, who loses interest quickly enough, do not get disheartened. Try encouraging your kid to attempt it one more time, then follow the same procedure again until the kid has gained interest. Make sure to cheer them whenever they do something better than before. It boosts their confidence and increases their willpower to try over and over again to perfect the extracurricular activity you enrolled them in the first place. It is the best way to make your kid understand the importance of trying something until you reach perfection since most things in life work the same way.

3) Never Force Anything On Them

Forcing anything on kids will never make them learn anything. Instead, it will leave a negative impact on their mental health, which will make things complex for them in the future. There is a thin between forcing and persuading. Try not to cross it when you are signing up your kid for extracurricular activities. If your kid enrolled in let’s say, sports, specifically cricket, initially, everything is alright. Since they have opted for the opportunity, they will tend to enjoy it, but at times, if they start to lose interest even after your persuading, don’t force them to comply.

4) Do Not Get Involved Too Much

Supporting your kid to perform better is crucial in boosting their confidence. Attending their games or programs helps them understand that you are supporting them in their choices. But try not to over-involve yourself in their extracurricular activities. For example, providing them with unwanted feedback which is too technical and negative in nature. Parents’ over-involvement in their kid’s extracurricular activities discourages them to perfect their weaknesses. They live in the constant dread that their parent might not like whatever they do. Before such things happen, don’t give negative or discouraging feedback. Instead, let the teacher or coach guide your kid to perfect whatever faults they have.

5) Respect Your Kid’s Limit

Every person in this world has born with limits. Also, everyone works in a different way to achieve their desired goals. Similarly, your kid has some limits too. The kid is trying to take a step into the real world with people who are not his/her parents, guardians, or siblings. Let them build their path and walk on their own. 

Final Words

There is no doubt that extracurricular activities are an essential element for a kid while growing up. It helps in boosting confidence, which goes a long way. Once your kid has found something, an activity that is perfectly suited for them, let them pursue it with dedication. Try to encourage them to follow it with passion. 

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