5 Warning Signs That Your Car Battery Is About To Die

The battery in your car is an essential component that is necessary for a variety of things, including starting your car. A battery can lose its charge if you leave your headlights on overnight, and it also loses its charge over time. Fortunately, the battery gives off signs that it is dying, so that you can replace your 2007 Subaru Outback battery before getting stranded somewhere.

1. Check Engine Light is On

A dying battery will often show up in one or more of the warning lights on your dashboard. The check engine light will commonly come on when there are issues with the battery. If this light is on, and you suspect it is the battery, turn off power to as many electrical components as you can to preserve the charge until you get the battery checked.

2. Battery Connectors are Corroded

The battery attaches to the car via connectors. The battery terminals can build up corrosion from the chemicals in the battery. You should check your battery on a regular basis to make sure the terminals and connectors are free from dirt and buildup. If there is corrosion, uses a rag to remove it and then bring your car in to a body shop to see if the battery is losing its charge. If there is swelling of the battery, you need to replace it right away.

3. Difficulty Starting the Engine

Even if you have a newer car, such as a 2018 Toyota Corolla battery, you may notice that you have difficulty starting the vehicle. This may include a slow turn over or a clicking sound when you turn the key. Eventually, your car may start, but both of these are signs that your car is dying. If you do not replace the battery soon, you may find that you are unable to start the vehicle at an inopportune time.

4. Dim Headlights

If you have a 2011 Mitsubishi Galant battery and you are noticing that the headlights are not as bright as they should be, the issue may be the battery. Other potential issues causing a dimming of the headlights include problems with the electrical wires or the alternator. However, if you have not replaced your battery in a while, this is probably the cause.

5. Issues with Electrical Components

When your battery is low on charge, this can affect the electrical components of your vehicle. These include the radio, automatic windows, heated seats and dashboard lights. It any of these are not working as well as they should, or they seem weak, the battery may be the culprit. Try to use them as little as possible to conserve energy for the important components.

The average battery lasts between three and five years, so if you have not replaced yours in a while, you may be noticing some signs of a dying battery. Fortunately, most auto body shops provide free battery testing, so you can quickly find out how much charge your battery has and if you need to replace it.

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