5 Tips to Plan Your Work-Free Summer

Long awaited summer vacation is in the town! It seems funny, but only hardworking employees will feel the desperate need for a work-free summer vacation. 

No robots, no bots. We are humans, and we, both mentally and physically, need time to rest and enjoy our time the way we want. 

With this in mind, I will share five tips on planning your work-free summer this year. 

Arrange vacation days in advance

First and foremost, do not leave the arrangement of the vacation days last minute. Talk to your human resources department and ask for the dates you want to leave. 

Not to cause a mess for your teammates and be able to plan your vacation properly, it is essential to let the heads know about your vacation timing in advance. If you are using coworking space software, make the discussions and arrangements on it, also for the record to your teammates. 

Finish pending tasks

Next, do not leave your tasks unfinished. There are several reasons for that. First, you will not worry or get disturbed about those during your vacation. Second, it will not cause problems in the chain of tasks your teammates are working on. Third, you will not have to remember what parts are missing after you are back. 

These three reasons are enough for finishing your pending tasks before your vacation starts. Most importantly, create an “out of office” automated reply for those who will contact you but not reach you. It is respect for all involved parties. If you work alone, and still need to keep track of some tasks or assignments, use marketing automation software and save time and resources for several tasks.  

Brainstorm the activities

Way before your summer vacation starts, think of the vacation options you have. Whether you follow a big dream to visit another country or spend a week at a campsite, make up your mind in advance. This will help you to have time for preparation and enjoy every moment of your vacation. 

If you plan to stay home, then think of some activities, such as game nights with friends, pizza day, or VIP bath time with a glass of champagne alone, to organize on each day of your work-free summer vacation. Check Splice Review and edit photos and videos to create warm memories from your vacation. 

Make arrangements (if applicable)

Another tip to ensure your summer vacation is plausible is to make arrangements. If you should book a flight, do it as soon as possible. It will help you save money and ensure your place is reserved on the plane. The same goes for hotel and tour reservations and bookings to save time and resources regarding your actual vacation time. 

Enjoy your time

With all of this hustle going on, do not forget to enjoy your time. Since a perfect vacation requires prior consideration, it may seem tiring and energy-consuming to think of how to pass the vacation time. No need to stress. After all, vacation is for having rest, not getting tired. So, just do whatever you need to and enjoy every minute of your work-free summertime!


Hard work pays off with a relaxing plan for summer vacation. Ask for a vacation in advance and start brainstorming some options for it. Make arrangements for flights, hotels, or tours to save money and time. Finish the pending tasks and clear your mind from work for some time. Enjoy your summertime, energize, and be back for your lovely work!

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