5 Things You Should Never Do In A Fire

When a fire breaks out, it’s a stressful and overwhelming experience that can have a big impact on how we think about what we should and shouldn’t do in the event of a fire. We all know the risks of a fire, and we all know how important it is to get out of a burning building as soon as possible. But what many people don’t know is that there are some critical things that you should never do in the event of a fire to protect yourself and others. Below, we’ve put together a list of what you should never do in the event of a fire.

Breaking Windows

Smoke inhalation is the number one cause of death in fires. In fact, according to Michigan State University, 50% of the people who die of severe smoke inhalation do so from smoke inhalation. Knowing this, you may be tempted to break open the windows to let the smoke flow out of the building. However, this is a mistake. If you break open the windows, the fire will have more access to oxygen, which will help the fire grow. This would significantly reduce your chances of getting away. Keeping the windows closed will starve the fire of oxygen. It’s much better to take advantage of the time you have when there’s a fire to find a way out.

Opening hot doors

When you’re looking for a way out of a burning building, you may not think about what’s on the other end of the door. That’s why it’s important to always be aware of what’s behind the door. If the door is hot enough to the touch, or if there’s smoke coming through the cracks, there’s a good chance it’s got a fire on it. That means the door is holding back the fire, and if you open it, you’re just letting the fire spread. If you’ve found a door that’s safe to open, open it. But always do it with the knowledge that there could be danger on the other end.

Returning for your belongings

We’ve all been told at some point in our lives that when there’s a fire in your house, it’s a good idea to leave everything you own and get out as soon as possible. You might think you’ve got a few minutes, but a house can burn down in under 5 minutes, so it’s important to remember that things are replaceable, and nothing is more important than your life.


When you are panicked and unsure of what to do, you may try to hide as far away from the fire as possible. This can be dangerous because it restricts movement and makes it more difficult for rescuers to find you. You may think you are safe from fire if you cannot see it, but smoke and heat can reach you from anywhere. According to Ready, fires can reach temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit at ground level and 600 degrees Fahrenheit at eye level, both of which can cause severe lung burns.

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