5 common myths about hiring car accident lawyers in Illinois

An unfortunate car accident can ruin everything for you, and there are obvious reasons to feel angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed, especially if the mishap happened because of someone’s recklessness. Such accidents are not rare in Illinois, and over 1,000 fatal auto accidents have been reported so far in 2022 alone. Despite having valid claims, people don’t hire legal expertise because of various myths. If you were injured in an on-road accident that wasn’t your mistake, click here to get a free overview of your case. In this post, we are sharing common myths about hiring car accident lawyers in Illinois.

  1. Accident lawyers charge a huge consultation fee. That’s not true. Most law firms in cities like Rockford and Chicago offer free consultations for accident victims. The first meeting with your attorney doesn’t have to cost a penny. This allows you to understand what you can expect as you start the claim process.
  2. Hiring an accident lawyer is not necessary because the accident wasn’t their fault. Victims assume that the insurance company has no reason to deny a claim because the accident obviously happened due to their client’s fault. Sadly, insurance companies don’t shy away from using tactics to deny claims, and you should not expect the other party to admit fault. Get an accident lawyer so that you are not alone.
  3. Dealing with the insurance company won’t be hard. You have read many things on the internet about insurance adjusters denying claims, but believe you are ready to negotiate. However, when the claims adjuster finds out that you don’t have legal counsel to defend your side, they will try ways and means that would be hard to spot. Don’t take the chance with your claim.
  4. An accident lawyer will charge an upfront fee. All personal injury lawyers charge a contingency fee, which is a share of the client’s final settlement. If you lose the claim or don’t get compensated for your injuries, your accident lawyer will not get a fee. Although some expenses related to the case are the client’s responsibility, accident lawyers don’t charge an upfront fee.
  5. All car accident lawyers are the same. In any industry, there are good, average, and bad professionals. If you are looking for legal help, ensure that the attorney you hire has experience handling car accident lawsuits in particular. Also, you need a lawyer specializing in personal injury law.

Call an accident lawyer today to know more.

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