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A startup called 20M Series has just raised a seed funding round. The company provides a multi-faceted solution for enterprise translation needs. They are backed by Canapi Ventures and Human Capital. This is a great sign of progress for the venture.

Multi-faceted solution for enterprise translation needs

One of the best ways to get a leg up on your competitors is to use a multi-faceted solution to your enterprise translation needs. This enables you to get the best of both worlds. By allowing you to translate your website in multiple languages, you save a bundle while providing your customers with an immersive experience. In addition, you can customize the code to suit your specific markets. Moreover, you can even localize your content across devices, ensuring that no matter where your shopper is, your content is always up to par.

Using the right technology, you can translate your website in just a few short weeks. You also get to enjoy a whole new range of features, including translation and localization of your wares, streamlined integration with your eCommerce platform, and much more. And, as if all that weren’t enough, you also get the freedom to work with vendors that understand your language needs.

Canapi Ventures and Human Capital led the seed round

The fund is led by Chip Mahan, a co-founder of Security First Network Bank. The team also includes other financial services veterans. They invest in early to growth-stage fintech companies. It has offices in Washington, DC, Wilmington, NC, and New York. In 2018, it made its first investment in Built Technologies.

The fund’s investments include companies that provide asset management, wealth management, and commercial lending. The portfolio includes startups like Asset Class and OnTop. These companies have offices in New York, London, and Dublin. Some of its investors include Tiger Global Management, Live Oak Bancshares, and Plexus Capital.

Able, a commercial lending platform, will help bankers and lenders streamline the lifecycle of their loans. The company has already raised over $82 million in total funding. Through Able, banks will be able to focus on high-value touchpoints. This allows them to meet a growing demand for loan products and services. Aside from helping banks, the company has an opportunity to change the way the commercial lending industry works.

Expansion plans

It’s not uncommon to see a startup company make an announcement regarding expansion plans. Promise us, a payment provider in Oakland, California, has raised $20 million in a Series A round of funding and has a few plans in the works for its service. They plan on expanding to more clients and local governments in the coming year. Currently, they provide an online portal for tenants to search for homes and apartments across the country. In addition, they also offer extensive case management and rent assistance.

The company has already received several Fortune 500 companies as clients. Its unique service is made possible through a combination of language expertise from translators and custom-trained artificial intelligence systems. The company’s translation solution includes a language ordering platform, post-editing by human linguists, and a scalable, enterprise-grade platform for enterprise translation needs.

Their mission is to make government fees more affordable. The company works with various government entities to collect taxes, statutory assessments, and other fees. They then collect funds, and process the payments. Since it’s not uncommon for government agencies to have strict payment processes, the company has worked to find ways to streamline their procedures.

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